Time is money. In this time, when the clock is not just a timepiece, but a status symbol and highlight, we want to show all the luxury and class. Yes, it’s about luxury watches – a fashion accessory that all eyes are on your wrist! Choosing the right watch from a reputable manufacturer, cheap and of quality is a big challenge nowadays. Take a look at the world of stars and choose your prominent watch from celebrity wrists!

Why do we need luxury watches?

As timepieces, the clocks shape our lives decisively. But is that the only reason? No. The luxury watches no longer show only wealth, they show status and class. That’s why it’s so important that they come from reputable manufacturers. The brand is important because we love the real thing! A real man, or a real woman must necessarily wear a real watch! The luxury watches show that you have achieved something in life – so you can treat yourself to something good! Before you see the brands that the stars wear, get an overview of all the luxurious models. For example, at uhrinstinkt.de you will find a variety of luxury watches worn by celebrities. Just a glimpse, you understand our words right – with a watch of this legendary brand you can not go wrong!

In the football world: Granit Xhaka with “Rolex Submariner Date”

The footballers love luxury and often show their wealth on the wrist. Granit Xhaka by Borussia Mönchengladbach has selected “Rolex Submariner Date”, but has been individually designed. och schwarze und weiße Diamanten auf der Lünette. This watch can be found in silver or in Gelbhold, but Xhaka has black and white diamonds on the bezel. To show class and individualism, the footballer has number 34 on the dial. The luxury watches from Rolex mean perfectionism and the Rolextraener can appreciate the finer things in life. Especially the Rolex Submariner collection – bold colors of dials, elegance and individualism.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” wears TAG Heuer

Leonardo DiCaprio has selected a model from TAG Heuer for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street. When it comes to Wall Street, we’re talking about a clock hierarchy. Since you can not know your name, the brand on the wrist but everyone noticed! The models of TAG Heuer know no bounds – from blue to black, sporty or luxurious, these luxury watches are at the same time tradition and new tendencies.

Insight into the music world: Rihana wears Chanel

What kind of clock does a pop star have to wear? Of course Chanel – the brand of women! A Chanel watch can never be just a luxury watch! The brand represents fashion and the watch turns into a fashion accessory. For many ladies, Chanel does not just mean a brand, that is lifestyle and lifestyle. The speech here does not have to be about women. Chanel is also popular with men. Delicate and clear forms, variety of functions and a design that speaks to fashion – that’s Chanel!

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Gucci on Fashion Week with Omega Ladies Watch

James Bond wears an Omega watch

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