All living creatures need infrared radiation. The solar radiation that reaches the earth’s surface consists of UV rays, visible light and infrared radiation, which is responsible for the heat transfer. The infrared radiation in an infrared cabin ensures the warming up of the body, the increase of the blood circulation and the transpiration. This relaxes the body, removes the waste and strengthens its resilience. The luxury infrared cabins ensure that you can feel the healthy and soothing effects of the sun at any time. Health is our greatest asset, and we must do everything we can to live a healthy life. In this case, an infrared cabin can be very helpful to prevent the symptoms. Nowadays, life is very dynamic and stressful, so complaints that are not inherited or caused by aging can be felt earlier. In an infrared cabin, the penetrating heat radiation has a great therapeutic value for the body, since the blood circulation is extra stimulated.

Luxury infrared cabins – get the sun at your own request!

As is known, the sun is the universal remedy from the heavenly pharmacy. Nobody likes to feel cold and shiver. Especially when it gets cold outside, an infrared cabin is a sheer luxury, as it not only has a positive effect on your health and vitality, but also contributes to your better mood. The infrared radiation transfers the heat to the skin and least disturbs the heat regulation of the skin. The heat applications provided by an infrared cabin can only bring benefits to your health, vitality and beauty. In infrared sauna, the so-called artificial fever effect, which leads to an increase in body temperature, or natural sweating occurs. The effect of the infrared sauna is similar to that of the Finnish sauna, but in which the bronchi and lungs are more strained by the dry air.

Enjoy luxury infrared cabins even in summer

The heat transfer in a luxury infrared cabin is easy to regulate and adapt to the heat absorption capacity of the skin. This does not mean that we do not need the infrared heat in summer. Especially when we sweat under the blazing sun, we are always looking for something cool. As you know, you drink lukewarm drinks, mostly tea, at the high temperatures. This stimulates the body’s natural heat regulation. In addition, tea and fruit juices mineralize the body. An infrared cabin stimulates the temperature regulation of the body according to the same principle, controls the blood circulation and thus regulates the cardiovascular system. Circulatory problems in the heat are very stressful especially for the elderly. By supplying heat in the infrared cabin and balancing the internal body temperature, tensions are released and the pain is alleviated. This also stimulates the metabolism and thus promotes the purification and detoxification of the body.

Happiness is the energy of light and warmth – the soul

In addition to health promotion, pain relief and body cleansing, the heat contributes enormously to our emotional well-being and relaxation. The beauty effect should not be forgotten, as the skin improves and the face radiates. The heat applications are a meaningful health care, so an infrared cabin is a good investment in the future. Do something good for your body and soul. At you will find a large selection of infrared cabins, minimalist and stylish, suitable for any fine taste. Turn your bathroom or bedroom into a wellness oasis and ensure a healthy future. The state-of-the-art luxury infrared cabins offer high quality finishing and materials, as well as fancy features, such as a floor with built-in foot warmth. The main application areas are:

  • prevention
  • regeneration
  • line promotion
  • Reinforcement of the general physical condition

Ideally suited for active people before and after sport. The infrared heat warms up the muscles and increases flexibility. After the movement, the heat accelerates the regeneration processes. So also the muscle soreness is avoided.

Luxury infrared cabins – an unprecedented investment in the future

The luxury infrared cabins are a novelty for every bathroom. They offer a modern design, which is completely different than the wooden chambers and are a perfect solution for your bathroom or hotel room. The luxury infrared cabin without roof and door is quite discreet in the room and offers a high quality of life. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the wellness relaxation. We hope that we have convinced you of the advantages of the infrared cabins, and that you can spend comfortable and pleasant moments of pleasure in your own infrared cabin!

Infrared cabin for healthy body, mind and soul

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