The moon phases are not only responsible for the alternation between low and high tides – they exert a strong influence on all living things on our planet. For example, the human organism contains about 65% water, so it is not surprising that many famous scientists believe that the moon is an important factor in our state of health and mood. The water content in the plants is often higher than that in the human body and it can be of help for any gardener to consider the phases of the moon in gardening. In this post you will find the 2015 Lunar Calendar for Garden, as well as some interesting facts about the influence of the moon on the plants and helpful tips for better harvesting. Let the power of the moon convince you!

The role of the moon phases for plant growth

Although it has not yet been scientifically proven that observing the phases of the moon can improve the harvest, more and more gardeners are showing great interest in it. Even if you are rather critical and considering the lunar calendar as a myth or superstition, you can try – it is not harmful to the plants anyway. And the result may perhaps surprise you in the end. Actually, the phases of the moon determine the influence on the plants. A distinction is made between descent and ascent phases and it depends on which plant crops you should sow, plant, harvest or cut. No matter if removing weeds, mowing the lawn or harvesting the grape – you should consider the lunar calendar for all gardening. Otherwise, this can have bad consequences for plant growth and juices. Read on to learn more about the meaning of the different phases of the moon!

Lunar calendar 2015 for Gaten – increasing moon

Garden lunar calendar 2015 actually dictates how gardening goes on throughout the year and includes all sorts of activities in the garden area – from harvesting and sowing to fertilizing, cutting and watering. Each moon phase has a specific influence on plant growth. The ascent phases, for example, are ideal for sowing. For foliage plants, the period is particularly favorable when the moon is in the sign of Cancer. And for transplanting, it’s best to choose the time when he goes through the constellation Virgo – then the plants can become healthy and beautiful. As the moon grows, the juices of the plants flow from the roots towards the tops, and you’d better avoid cutting in those periods so as not to disturb the rapid growth of the leaves and fruits. Moreover, this period is also perfect for fertilizing.

Lunar calendar 2015 for garden – waning moon

As the moon wanes, the plant juices flow towards the roots. Therefore, the period for planting different types of root vegetables is particularly favorable – for example carrots, potatoes, radishes, beets, onions and garlic. The time in which the moon decreases is also ideal for cutting those plants whose growth you want to slow down. The pest and weed control in this period also gives very good results. During the descent phases you can also harvest.

Harvest at full moon!

At full moon the influence of the earth-moon on the plants is strongest. The fruits grow the fastest, are the most nutritious and strongest, so the timing is perfect for harvesting them. Use the full moon to make juices and wine – the result will be much better than you expected! The full moon days are unfavorable when it comes to transplanting, pest control and sowing.

Avoid gardening at new moon!

As long as the moon is not visible at night, let the garden rest better. At new moon, the growth processes are slower, so the period is unfavorable for all kinds of gardening. You can only cast when the moon is in a celestial sign – Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer. On days of the lunar and solar eclipse working in the garden is totally forbidden. Below is the lunar calendar 2015 for Garden – look at it to see the periods of the specific phases of the Moon. We wish you lots of fun gardening and a rich harvest!

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