The lotus flower tattoo is one of the most popular motifs of floral” tattoos and in the world of tattooing both women men our team did a research when searching google for word template two out five image scores are from lotus flower tattoo. reason is not only unique beauty but its comfortable meaning. tattoo motif can be found many different ways on skin each has own we will bring you closer tell story this symbol let yourself inspired>

What does the lotus flower look like?

The story of the lotus flower tattoo

The name of the flower “Lotus” comes from the Greek, where it is pronounced “lotus” and means valued plant. Only through the Latin language, the lotus became the “Lotus”. The flower is so highly valued in eastern cultures as the rose in America, and has a symbolic value. For the Indian and Buddhist culture, she was one of the most famous elements.

What’s behind the lotus flower tattoo: The lotus flower meaning

Each lotus flower tattoo can have many meanings for its wearer:

  • Love – In Chinese, the word “lotus” in the past meant love and harmonious connectedness. The lotus flower is therefore also a symbol of a good marriage. The combination with a pink tattoo brings a cozy meaning for the wearer.
  • Loyalty – Do you know that the mud-rooted lotus flower never gets dirty on the surface? That is the reason for their second meaning – purity. In Asian cultures, the lotus flower is a symbol of creativity and loyalty.
  • Spiritual perfection – The white lotus flower is called Pundarika and means clarity and perfection. Are you a fan of white tattoos, you can let your tattoo motif lotus flower on your skin.
  • Religion – In Buddhist belief, the lotus is the symbol of religion. He also stands for the way from the human to the divine.
  • Passion and Compassion – Kamala is a symbol of innocence, compassion and passion. Kamala is called the red lotus. The red lotus flower is the symbol of the female vagina in India.
  • Creation and Solar Power – A symbol of solar power is the pink lotus flower, which is still called Padma. According to Egyptian mythology, the lotus flower stands for creation.

A conclusion of the meanings of the lotus flower

  • love
  • loyalty
  • purity
  • Enlightenment
  • creation
  • religion
  • harmony
  • divinity
  • clarity
  • endurance
  • Mystical power
  • resistance
  • perfection
  • solar power
  • solar power
  • compassion
  • fervor

There are three types of lotus flowers, as well as lotus flower tattoos

The following types of lotus flower are known:

  • Indian or Asian lotus flower: It comes from China and describes itself as a sacred flower. Her color is white-pink.
  • American Lotus: It blooms in yellow and can be found on the Atlantic coast of the USA to Mexico.
  • Egyptian Lotus: It has been a food plant in ancient Egypt and has white color.

As white tattoos, the lotus flower motifs transmit a sensitivity and tenderness

Making a lotus flower as a mandala tattoo on the skin – this tattoo motif has special significance for every single wearer

Lotus Flower Watercolor Tattoo brings all the meaning of the different colors of lotus with it

The pink lotus flower, from which a blue diamond comes out, symbolizes the new life and the solar power

Lotus flower tattoo template

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