You know that the coffee harms your health, but you can do without it? The delicious coffee substitute has already been found – Lupine coffee! It tastes very good, full-bodied, aromatic like coffee beans and completely free of irritants. Does that sound like a dream? Now you will convince yourself. If lupine coffee is healthy and how you can make it yourself, you will only find out here. The goal is set – lose weight without hunger.

What should you know about lupins?

Lupine seeds are one of the protein-rich legumes. In recent years, they make the soy serious competition. The products made from lupines are very rich in protein and versatile in terms of health benefits. Before we reveal these benefits, you should know the biggest plus. Lupine grows in Germany and does not need much time to come to you. Sweet lupins are used for food and coffee. The content of lupine protein (about 35%) is comparable to the protein content of soybean (about 39%).

The lupines plant

The lupins are very popular with vegans. They are also stomach friendly. Not only coffee can be made from lupins. Lupine protein powder fits wonderfully to a base excess diet. Lupine soup tastes very good and you can find it very easily in almost every pharmacy.

Is lupine coffee healthy and what are its benefits?

Lupine coffee does not contain caffeine and is gluten-free. Which ingredients does this coffee still contain can be found in the following infographic:

Coffee substitute: make lupine coffee yourself

Where can you buy lupine coffee? This we can gladly recommend. The lupins are ground, packed and ready to enjoy. You can also make lupine coffee yourself very easily. Here is the recipe for you:

The ingredients:

1 handful of sweet lupines

The preparation:

Take the fresh lupines in a non-stick pan and roast well for about 3-4 minutes until they turn brown. You’re done when the roasters jump up the beans a bit. This is how you must look:

Then you should grind them in the flour mill. The finer you grind, the more intense the coffee becomes. Lupine coffee is prepared like normal coffee. You can also grind it again with the coffee grinder. This coffee is most delicious when you prepare it in the espresso maker.

And surprise – lupine coffee tastes much better than cereal coffee in the trade and roasted flavor can not be compared with the normal coffee. Good Appetite!

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