Today, the fitness industry is one of the fastest developing industries in the world. This is due to the fact that the health mantra: “Who wants to lose weight, does sports and keeps a diet!” Is the focus of all slogans for healthy living. The statistics show that the number of German members in the fitness studios has increased in recent years to around 10 million. According to our research, the volume fraction of the search for the word “lose weight” is about 95 000. So we could say that the end of the fitness and diet boom is not visible in the near future. There is a negative tendency associated with the frequent search for tips and tricks to lose weight – the number of articles with incorrect content is increasing. The increasing proportion of people who have unconsciously caused harm to health shows the consequences of wrong diets, fitness regimes and workouts. In this article, we reveal the truth about healthy weight loss. The motto we follow says, “Slim for experience, logic and science.”

The diet counselors can make you healthy fit and slim!

Since the last century, the Internet is increasingly flooded with different tips for losing weight. One of the commonly held opinions is that one gets fat from over-eating. Sports and diets are essential components of any weight loss book. The diet guides are the new hit in the weight loss industry. They only give you suggestions that have been scientifically proven. The diet coaches can show you the way to the desired weight. Nowadays, you have an endless selection of diet and weight loss suggestions. Our advice is that you rely on the recommendations that have been proven by scientific facts. The website is a good role model, as a diet guide with advice and practical help .

Proper weight loss begins with …

About 70% of Germans once intended to start a diet once in their lives. Thousands of new free weight loss programs are constantly appearing on the Internet. However, the right weight loss begins with your choice of a diet coach. He can answer you in detail to these two questions:

  1. Why do not I take off despite many diets and sports activities?
  2. Why do I always feel hungry?

Incidentally, this phenomenon is due to the fact that the calories we eat are not well distributed. On the other hand, the energy consumption would be responsible for the feeling of hunger. Remember, you’re doing one hour of exercise in the gym and burning 200 calories. Then you are hungry again. You may only drink a diet shake to comply with your diet plan. The result is the following:

  1. Physical exercise consumes more energy.
  2. The diet shakes contain a lot of protein, gluten and wheat, which lead to health problems.
  3. Most of the time, we do not spend enough time in the gym to burn enough calories.

Do you find the paradoxes here? Find a diet coach to not waste time with a pointless diet plan.

Sports alone will not help you lose weight!

The right food is just the one coin side

Finally, we would like to give you a recommendation:

“Take good care of your body. He is the only place you have to live. ”

Author: Jim Rohn

If you follow this health mantra, you are looking forward to a slim figure and good health. This combination is always the right way to well-being!

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