Surprise: Everyone has bacon on their stomach. Even the slender ones who have a flat stomach. That is normal. As you continue to read, you’ll learn more about how to permanently lose your belly fat.

Why do you have to lose belly fat?

Compared to other types of fat, excessive levels of belly fat can have a damaging effect on human health. Part of your fat is just under the skin. Other fats sit deeper inside – around your heart, lungs, liver and other organs.

Belly fat is associated with many health problems and diseases, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and certain cancers, including breast cancer and colon cancer. Especially the deepest layer of belly fat hides the health risks.

They have four levers to control the belly fat content – sports, nutrition, sleep and relaxation

# 1 lose exercises for belly fat

Move at least 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. Running only counts when you move in tempo, sweat, breathe deeper, and the pulse rate is higher than usual.

The experts call the interval training the most effective method for toning the abdominal muscles. This means alternating short breaks with high intensity exercises, no matter what you do. Burning calories while running, cycling – anything that drives your heart rate – even strength training. Everything is possible when it comes to getting rid of the fat.

# 2 Lose belly fat with special diet

A magic extra diet against belly fat does not exist. But if you lose weight through a diet, the belly fat goes away first. Maybe you think that if you skip lunch and spare calories, you’ll be slimmer. You will achieve exactly the opposite. Of course you know that the proteins are crucial in weight loss and abdominal fat reduction.

A diet high in protein can protect you from insulin resistance. An easy way to increase protein intake would be to add a protein-containing supplement to smoothies, meals or snacks.

People who moved moderately and counted on the natural antioxidant substances in the green tea (also called catechins) said they had lost more belly fat than those who did not drink such tea. One study sets the daily dose at 625 mg equivalent to two to three cups of green tea.

Also remember to drink water. About one and a half to two liters of water a day has a positive effect on the belly fat loss.

# 3 Lose belly fat while sleeping

Finding out how long you keep your eyes closed will help. According to a study, those people gained less body fat that slept between 6 and 7 hours at night over 5 years, compared to people who slept less than 5 hours or more than 8 hours a night during the period. Sleep may not have been the only deciding factor, but it is part of the bigger picture.

Chaotic sleep habits cause your internal clock to spin, which in turn causes your body to secrete fatty hormones such as cortisol. Through a proper amount of sleep every night, your body and your metabolism are regulated, and thus your well-being and waist circumference.

# 4 Stress-free lose belly fat

Everyone has stress. But how you deal with stress is crucial. The best ways include relaxation with friends and family, meditation, breathing exercises, counseling. All this makes you healthier and better prepared to make good decisions in your favor.

When your body feels overwhelmed, it automatically begins to produce cortisol – a hormone linked to abdominal fat. For example, you can try to relax by doing 10-minute yoga exercises, closing your eyes for a while, or taking 5-minute deep breaths. Immediately you will notice that you feel more relaxed and the production of hormones is lowered again.

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