Open apartments with open spaces are considered chic. Many people currently value the loft trend. But why is this trend so hot today and where does it come from? We have researched and in the following we tell you a little bit more about the so-called loft apartment. We also give you some creative examples. If you like our examples, why not design your next apartment!

Loft apartment – creative and at the same time comfortable

What does a loft apartment actually mean?

A loft apartment is a warehouse or industrial space converted into an apartment. In general, the word comes from the English and means attic. In the US, the word loft has the meaning of warehouses or industrial buildings.

The history of loft apartments

From the 1940s, empty halls were converted into living quarters in New York and London, but without altering the basic structure. An apartment thus often encompassed the entire surface of a cane, and inside, furniture was simply mixed up inside. These have turned into open apartments with huge footprints and high ceilings. Andy Warhol is today falsely one of the pioneers among loft users, because he opened his company in a New York loft until the 1960s. Lofts have quickly become sought-after apartments for self-employed professionals and artists who have agreed to live and work space under one roof and thus have been able to live more cheaply.

Today’s application of the loft apartment

Today, loft apartments are no longer impromptu apartments, but they are the result of thorough renovation and modernization of old industrial buildings. That’s why they have become too expensive in the real estate market. Many people today are of the opinion that the conversion of old industrial buildings creates affordable housing. In contrast, it becomes part of the phenomenon of gentrification. In part, open-plan new apartments are also available as a loft apartment, but these are completely different from the classic loft apartment. Here usually only the open roof or certain design elements such as exposed concrete, plastered masonry, open lines, etc. are crucial for the name. Nowadays lofts are preferred by singles.


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