Artworks as an investment in your own creativity

“Stone and mortar build a house. Spirit and love decorate it “Art is the level of communication on which our feelings, our soul are addressed. Imagine entering a house and feeling the cultural atmosphere and the spirit that reigns there. A look at the pictures on the wall is enough to discover where the magic is being radiated from. The pictures reveal a lot about the homeowner’s personality – how he feels, what he loves. The artworks are no longer hanging in the galleries today. They adorn our home and reflect our character. Art is associated with “beauty in itself”, which contributes decisively to well-being. In this sense, art is also welcome in our home because that is the place of relaxation and well-being.

Art in your own home

Die Kunst nimmt Einzug in unserem Alltag
It is a basic need to comfortably furnish your own home. This includes the matching How to create your own gallery of artwork at home?
Kunstwerke als Investition in eigene Kreativit├Ąt

  1. A unique yet uncomplicated concept for effectively enriching your living space, thoughtfully placed paintings and photographs, works of art by recognized artists can turn your apartment into a very private and unique gallery. How do you do it right? With our step-by-step guide, we’ll help you transform your picture hanger into a total work of art :
    1. Buy artworks directly from artists
      The first step is always the hardest. Buying unique works of art directly from artists sounds painstaking and time-consuming. Not with our help. You can easily buy art pictures online with Singulart and enjoy a variety of exciting modern art from nationally recognized and famous artists, photographs and paintings.
    2. Select the type of murals
      In painting one distinguishes between abstract paintings, portraits, natural works of art and others. The last represent a piece of nature and can tell beautiful stories. In this sense, the photographs can be so artistically edited that they remind us of our personal stories. On the other hand, the abstract paintings are different for each person they play with thoughts and emotions and cause reflection and deepening.
    3. One more step before you buy – choose the right size and frame
      Our tip: Always remember the overall composition when choosing the style and color of the picture frames. You must have the dimensions of your wall in mind.
    4. Enjoy your artwork every day!

Art enters our everyday lives

Wie man eine eigene Galerie mit Kunstwerken zuhause erstellen kann?

Our home looks like a stage that suggests our individuality. Whether you choose an abstract painting for your living room, hang a portrait in your bedroom, or choose landscape painting , these pictures should suit your personality so you feel secure in your own home. Security can be experienced in many different ways. You can have a cup of steaming tea, the couch where you sit with your partner, or why not the old art picture hanging on the wall for years. Only those who feel secure, only those who will be able to master the challenges of everyday life, to realize the dreams and to find happiness. And if you find that feeling in a work of art, then you have to see it every day – in your own home!
Art enters our everyday lives

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