Are you already tired of the cold winter days and are you dreaming of the coming warm spring? Do not wait anymore! Bring the spring mood directly into your living room! As? Of course, with creative ideas for spring decoration, DIY projects in bright colors and appropriate furnishings. More color in the home and furniture inspired by nature are the remedy for winter fatigue. We will give you creative DIY instructions and Ikea hacks that will bring your old furniture to life. From the amazing picture gallery you can pick up ideas for ordering. Let yourself be inspired!

Spring decoration in the living room creates a happy mood

Would not it be great if you could feel the spring fever at home? No expensive furniture and time is needed. With spring flowers you will bring a piece of nature into the living room and with decoration with fresh colors you will always smile on the faces of your guests. Only with a few creative ideas can you wake up your living space from hibernation. If you do not like bright colors, use pastel shades. They are definitely a feature of spring. After the dark winter we need all light and brightness. Then change the dark curtains with those in light green, light blue or white. Floral motifs are preferred. If you choose a completely new interior, the white is the right choice for spring decoration, especially when it comes to small spaces.

Why do you need to decorate when you can redecorate?

The cozy home textiles and the colorful pillowcases are the secret for spring decoration. And all this without many additional costs and time for DIY projects. But if you are a DY adventurer, here are creative examples of how you can make your own pillow. Scroll down to find DIY Spring Decorations. Perfectly matching home accessories, such as vases, patterned textiles, beautiful wall decoration with spring motifs – birds, butterflies or floral motifs are perfect for this. An interesting DIY project – “From Old to New” can be found below. Have fun!

How to bring spring home: Brighten your living space

Here we have put together a DIY project for you so that you can get ideas on how to turn old furniture into works of art. It is remarkable how fresh flowers a colorful carpet and cushions in bright colors can change the whole ambience and feeling. See for yourself:

In this picture, you can see a couple of yellow cushions directing their eyes on the modern blue sofa. Fantastic! Fresh flowers create a happy mood and the books and pictures give the living room a cozy touch. Now take a look at the relaxation zone with the comfortable armchair and the dining area:

DIY ideas for spring decoration in the living room

There are many ways to bring spring into the house. Trend 2017 are the DIY Ikea hanging flower deco,

Sewing funny pillows: How to create a happy atmosphere in the living room!

Decorate the unused fireplace with flowers

DIY flowers crafts

Make colorful carpet yourself

This is how it works:

Not only on paper you can paint! On the carpet too!

Step 1

step 2

Ikea hacks for home decoration for spring

Stick the flower pots in bright colors

In Ikea you will find furniture that you can configure according to your mood and imagination

If you can not find the right color for you, stick the furniture to your wishes – with wrapping paper you will give the old furniture a new shine!

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