The sun smiles through the clouds, the bees are buzzing – finally it’s out again! When the temperatures rise, the garden season will be opened. Lolling, barbecuing, lying lazily in the sun – who likes to stay in the house? But for the pleasure to be full, you have to feel as comfortable in the garden under the open sky as you do at home. The outdoor area is moving closer and closer in the direction of being a part of the home. Today, the garden wants to be perceived as living space in the countryside. The reason – the new garden furniture, which hardly differs from the living room furniture. Heavy and massive teak” armchairs> and white plastic chairs were yesterday. Today the garden should be just as comfortable and comfortable as the modern living room. Noble couches, seemingly sitting corners and cuddly upholstery and pillows on it – all this transforms the domestic garden into a well-being oasis! We’ll show you how comfortable living with lounge furniture outside, like indoors. See for yourself.

Design your living room under the open sky

If you want to design a comfortable living room, you do not need four walls today. Place the modern outdoor furniture shown in the photo under the open sky and you will not need a roof or carpets anymore. The blurring of the boundaries between indoors and outdoors is a thing of the past, with gardens and terraces increasingly being used as new living space. Just as the living room is set up to ensure comfort and coziness, so does the planning of the outdoor area. Nowadays, lounge furniture ensures pure relaxation and invites to unforgettable moments with glass of wine in hand. Depending on the space that needs to be arranged, you can choose between a matching group of lounge chairs or two lounge chairs.

Living outdoors: lounge furniture for every taste

The lounge furniture provides the living comfort of the green living room under the open sky. A huge variety of lounge furniture in stylish designs is available to you. The furniture manufacturers create unusual and comfortable loungers that are weatherproof, in addition to classic rattan sofa, also dominate comfortable sofa beds. The lounge” furniture sets> are increasingly being offered as a complete garden set. The selection ranges from simple upholstered armchairs to modern chaise longues. How are the materials for lounge furniture different and which one is right for you, we will explain.

Basic concept of lounge furniture – extremely comfortably equipped and stylishly presented

Modern lounge furniture for the garden is made of rattan or poly rattan. The last is an artificial material that, unlike rattan, is weatherproof and UV resistant, and whether it’s snowing or sunshine outside, the outdoor polyrattan furniture can easily hibernate outside. This is also a great way to design a conservatory. The polyrattan furniture can be found in various colors on the market on offer. In contrast, the Rattan lounge furniture is characterized by a warm wood color. If you decide for the pleasant feel of the rattan furniture, you have to get it in the bad weather, because the natural rattan is not weatherproof. In most cases, the lounge furniture is equipped with upholstery, with soft seating or lying surfaces.

Conclusion: No matter which material for your lounge furniture you decide, think of the garden design that your seating area can invite to a few relaxing hours as a couple or with the family.

“Life begins with the day you create a garden”

The outdoor area is much more than a place for growing vegetables and fruits today. Once, Claude Monet said: “My garden is a work created slowly and with never-ending love.” We hope that our ideas will make a cozy retreat full of love in your own garden. Our last tip: Choose such garden furniture so you want to go to your garden when your soul needs a vacation!

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