If you are facing the important step in life – setting up your own home, you will definitely need a bit of inspiration. Today we talk about housing design. Of course everything is beautiful, what pleases! But you know exactly which style fits your personality. We have collected for you the most fascinating and famous furnishing styles and showed you their characteristics in an amazing picture gallery. Get creative ideas, choose the most appropriate style and give it a personal touch!

Living room design in minimalism: Simple and modern

A minimalist interior design always looks modern. The simple design also brings with it functionality and is easy to implement. The furnishing style fascinates with elegance and order. The characteristics of minimalism are clear structures, wide and large area and economical furnishings. The colors are also classics – white, black or gray. Sometimes white is combined with red or yellow, but white dominates. The materials have to make the room look bigger. Glass, steel, metal are preferred. Avoid large and heavy shelves. Generally speaking for minimalism, the less, the more.

Scandinavian style: Bring a touch of the Nordic spirit home

Clean lines, light woods and contrasts in colors – these are the characteristics of the Scandinavian furnishing style. He impresses with bright and cheerful colors and creates a warm ambience. The walls and floor are white and the decoration is absolutely colorful. The furniture is uncomplicated with traditional forms, like land and people in the north. The accessories play a big role in the Scandinavian style of furnishing. The blankets and pillows will make your living space look charming and romantic.

Living room design in Mediterranean style: Mediterranean in your own living space

The Mediterranean décor style comes from the Mediterranean countries of Italy, Greece, Spain and France. Since the inhabitants of these countries are very warm people, the decor is also cozy and warm. The colors are in pastel tones and the materials are rattan, terracotta and stone. The Mediterranean is associated with sleepless nights, summers and hot days. Bring this mood into your home through Mediterranean elements in deco, fabrics and blankets. A Mediterranean color is ocher. This is a mixture of quartz, lime and brown ironstone and is made in the Mediterranean region. The color palette ranges from yellows to orange and red to browns. For the tiles, be sure to select the delicate pink. It is called the Mediterranean life “Dolce Vita” Enjoy it at home!

Go on a journey through time with the colonial style

When you hear of colonial style, you have historical art in front of your eyes. It is true, this style of furnishing designates the style of Europeans in the former European colonies in America. Dark woods, heavy leather armchairs and earth tones characterize the colonial style. The furniture is generous and made only from natural materials. And when we say natural materials, think of exotic bamboo, silk, cotton, sisal and coconut fiber. The decoration can be easily found in any antique shop. If you think about color design, choose patterns.

Country style: Bring a country scent into the townhouse

You’re dreaming of a country house villa – comfort, homemade food, charm and fresh air. Everything you can bring in your city apartment. Of course, with a device in the country house style! This interior design style fascinates with natural materials and warm ambience. Solid wood is the focus. Imagine – you lie on the leather sofa next to the stone fireplace – a dream! Choose crafted furniture for your living space.

Image gallery of the colonial style

Picture gallery: Country style

Image gallery of Mediterranean style

Image gallery of minimalism

Picture gallery of the Scandinavian furnishing style

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