Do you know the classic old buildings in major European cities, the ornate facades, floral elements and curved ornaments? Yes, they are reminiscent of architecture and architecture a century ago. They fascinate with an aristocratic and historical appearance. These are the Art Nouveau features! You will find them not only in the architecture in the historic cities, but also in the decor. And if you know these features, you can also design your own Art Nouveau apartment. Get ideas from our helpful tips and fascinating furnishing examples!

The Art Nouveau features make your heart beat faster

The Art Nouveau was created at the end of the 19th century as an art epoch. There are several terms that indicate the Art Nouveau style. The best known is the French “Art Nouveau”. In England this style is called “New Style” and in Austria – Secession style. And it’s not just art, it’s a series of different movements in Europe. Art Nouveau became the prevailing trend within a short time. The Art Nouveau features are curvy ornaments and ornate decorations, most on deco vases, staircase, utensils. In the case of Art Nouveau furniture, not only the beauty, but also the functionality is in the foreground.

Art Nouveau is inspired by nature

The artworks and furniture contain most of the ornaments inspired by nature. The floral patterns and surfaces are reminiscent of natural plant forms. Characteristic of the Art Nouveau style are the highly polished pieces of dark real wood furniture. A typical Art Nouveau feature is the craftmanship. This is exactly what transforms the furniture into works of art. Cabinets and doors are the most wood-to-glass combination.

The stylish color combination is also an Art Nouveau feature

Typical of Art Nouveau are the natural colors, such as beige, brown and olive, which designate the wood. For a stylish color combination choose pastel shades such as mustard yellow, peacock blue, cream or green. Just for accent put gold in the decor.

Furniture with Art Nouveau features you can buy in an antique shop or make your own decoration, replica also offer many manufacturers. Whether you opt for Art Nouveau decoration or complete the interior design in this style, you will live like an aristocrat. The Art Nouveau features are timeless, elegant and have a historic touch.

Typical Art Nouveau brass door fitting in floral style

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