What do you need to live happily? Build modern palaces or live ecologically friendly? Unfortunately, the tall buildings and luxurious lifestyle are the choice of most people. But do you know that natural building and life can be just as luxurious as a hobbit? With an eco-house!

What is an eco-house?

Actually, the term eco-house is not yet clearly defined. In general, it is a house built with natural materials. But this can also be a prefabricated house made of wood. What is special and different about this house? Ecological building does not just mean building material. The process starts from the masonry and ends in the heating and energy supply, and that’s where the secret of the eco-houses is. Something else is important in building – the materials must come from near the house, so you save transport. The reason is by no means the cost, but the environmental protection. Every step in building must be environmentally friendly. To make you even clearer, let’s give you an example – The ├ľkohaus Arche in Frankfurt.

What material is used to build an environmentally friendly house?

Of course, of great importance is the building material. As we said above, that’s the wood. But not only. An environmentally friendly house is built with wood and clay. Wood is used for the exterior design and clay – for interior design. The biggest advantage of clay is that it is heat storage and gives the house a cozy ambience. Lime, limestone and wool

The benefits of an eco-house

Only two of the advantages can convince you immediately to build such a house – health-friendly and low heating costs! Healthy and inexpensive, that sounds incredible! But that is the reality and the eco-houses are becoming even more modern and popular with even more Germans. And the reason can not only be cost. For you to live in such a house, you really have to love the environment, because that’s a way of life. The Eco House is built to save energy. The energy supply is really expensive, but recovering from the electricity is worthwhile. However, the cost is not an issue, as another benefit is that the state offers subsidies for natural building.

Build an eco house yourself

Of course you can build such a house yourself, but it looks more than a small garden house or a hobbit house. But you can plan your own ecological house yourself! There are a few things you must be aware of. The rooms, such as living room, must be south, additional rooms plan to the north. If you need a cellar, you can plan a shed. A fireplace looks very comfortable and cozy in a wooden house. It is also advisable to think of a solar system and an air heat pump.

What does an eco-house look like?

Do not think eco houses really look like a hobbit house. They are very modern and contain all the trends of modern architecture. If you have decided on such a house, you will find a large selection of shapes and designs. The eco-friendly house is most often a single-family house and has all the rooms such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. The large windows are a typical feature of the eco-house. But if you can not live in such a house for long, many companies offer a possibility for a holiday home. You also have an alternative if you do not want to deal with planning and building – the eco-prefabricated houses. This is also the cheap version. So you get a house that pleases your health and your wallet! A breathtaking picture gallery with great examples, we have prepared for you! Let yourself be inspired!

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