The white Christmas is no longer a mirage! Give the traditional image of the deco Christmas a new noble touch. Pass over the bright core colors of Christmas – red, green and blue, it comes the time of the white. Once a year, Christmas comes and you can let your imagination run free and decorate your home to taste. Whether you like the Scandinavian style with lots of glogg and decoration, or just plain Christmas decorations, enjoy the pre-Christmas season to the fullest and set your mind on the beautiful. In this article, we present you a gentle, noble and magnificent Christmas decoration that promises beautiful white Christmas.

Pastel-colored Christmas decoration: The white Christmas is gaining momentum Pastellfarbene Deko Weihnachten: Die weißen Weihnachten kommen in Schwung

The white color is a real all-rounder. It is the ideal base that can be combined with all other pastel and pop colors, and in the modern sense, gives the classic a new look. The white Christmas decoration is the combination of The Christmas tree in white splendor
Weiße Deko Weihnachten: Der Weihnachtsbaum im weißen Pracht
The Christmas tree is always in the center of the deco Christmas and when it is beautifully decorated, he creates the right Christmas atmosphere. The white Christmas tree in combination with white and gold jewelry and white thick garlands is an instant eye-catcher. If there’s no snow outside, take a look at your white, gorgeous Christmas tree and you’ll be enchanted by the prevailing Christmas spirit.

The ideal Christmas tree decoration for a gorgeous Christmas decoration

Der ideale Weihnachtsbaumschmuck für eine prachtvolle Deko Weihnachten
White doves as Christmas tree decorations are a fancy idea, so you give the Christmas decoration a new touch. Go beyond the previous limits, because at Christmas time, the decoration may also be a bit cheesy.

Textile Christmas elements for a cozy home

Weiße Deko Weihnachten: Textile Weihnachtselemente für einen gemütlichen Eigenheim
Christmas is a time together with family in a cozy environment. The cuddly factor is important for that. To create a cozy place where you can really relax and warm up, put on the right home textiles. Lay a few pillows with Christmas decorations and warm fabrics on the sofa and arrange them moodily. A warm cuddly blanket can also be wonderful decoration of the sofa.

This sofa invites you to cuddle!

Weiße Deko Weihnachten: Dieses Sofa lädt Ihnen zum Kuscheln ein!

The fairy lights for the Christmas tree is absolutely recommendable

Die Lichterkette für den Weihnachtsbaum ist absolut empfehlenswert 

Noble decoration Christmas

Edle Deko Weihnachten
Deko Weihnachten für eine Kuschelecke

Great decoration for your side table with a Christmas touch

Tolle Dekoration für Ihren Beistelltisch mit weihnachtlichem Touch
Deko Weihnachten für das Wohnzimmer
Weihnachtsdeko Girlande mit Glasbällen
Weihnachtsdeko im Form von Faux - Geschenken
Die beste Deko Weihnachten für magische Weihnachten
Weiße Weihnachten in Ihrem Zuhause
Tolle Ideen für helle Deko Weihnachten
Tolle Ideen für pastellfarbene Deko Weihnachten
Tolle Ideen für weiße Deko Weihnachten im Wohnzimmer
Tolle Ideen für skandinavische Deko Weihnachten im Wohnzimmer
Tolle Ideen für scandinavische Deko Weihnachten
Weiß wohnen, weiß feiern: Tolle Ideen für scandinavische Deko Weihnachten

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