“The sea is not a landscape, it is the experience of eternity”, write Thomas Mann. Allow yourself to be transported to a fairytale-like place of longing for Germany – the island of Sylt! If you look at the golden-colored sea from the houses at sunrise, you want to stay there forever! That is perhaps the reason why so many Germans rent a dream holiday apartment on Sylt and then dream their whole life of the breezes on the island! The big dream of living by the sea can already be fulfilled! With our tips on real estate search on Sylt you will get the breezes and sea air directly into your own home. Because the home is where the sea is!

Sylt – the queen of the islands!

Endless wide dunes, first red, then golden. Behind it – the golden glittering lake. Free horizon … only a red-and-white painted lighthouse comes into view. The wind and the air taste salty. A feeling that you have landed in a fairytale world. Welcome to Sylt! It is called the queen of the islands and longing place in the North Sea, at 55 degrees North and 8 degrees East. At over 40 kilometers you can expect the finest sandy beaches, which make the heart wide! Sylt is not just an island, Sylt means life and passion. A longing for this place comes quite suddenly and when it comes to holidays, everything has to end very quickly. But that should not be the case if you opt for a long-term accommodation. With some helpful tips, we are your guide to the real estate search on Sylt!

Property search on Sylt – what should you know?

Around 20,000 people live on the fourth largest island in Germany and about 900,000 are the visitors. If you want to be one of the first, you should pay attention to a few things. The real estate offer is diverse and to find a pleasant and suitable for you to stay on Sylt, we advise you to use an experienced brokerage firm. It will not only offer you a wide selection, but also professional advice. From experience we know that a wide range of real estate can be found on Sylt at rt-immobilien-sylt.de . The first step in real estate search on Sylt is to think about what type of property meets your needs. The island offers a wide range of possibilities – from a romantic Frisian house, to a cuddly family house to high quality semi-detached houses. The location is also of great importance. You should have a clear idea of ​​whether you are looking for tourist resorts such as Kampen, Westerland and Wenningstedt or less frequented areas and near the beach. Not to be overlooked, should include the nearest shops, restaurants and hiking trails. Just like building a house , you should think” carefully> about which house” type> suits you best. It is always better to plan one more room as the renovations will incur additional costs. Do not forget that Sylt is a holiday island and there are regular events during the summer months. These include a Harley meeting , open-air concerts and various sporting events. Find out where the dates are, so your new apartment is not nearby.

Before you start, but with the search of your new home on Sylt, we would like to introduce you to the versatile and beautiful island. Let yourself be inspired!

Discover Sylt: The elbow – a natural landscape that is simply breathtaking!

The oldest and the largest lighthouse on Sylt

Westerland – where most hotels and apartments are located

Zanzibar – the cult restaurant

Kampen – the place of parties and celebrities

Has she also packed the island fever? Then treat yourself to a breeze of eternity when you find your new home by the sea! Switch off the pure reality and keep that feeling forever. On Sylt you will redefine freedom and live your dream. Sylt is looking forward to your laughter! We wish you lots of fun and nice moments with the new challenge!

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