From rocky shores and reefs to dangerous shoals, lighthouses have long been used as visible guides for ships at sea. Starting with the Alexandrian Pharos to the more famous lighthouses, the symbol has now become known for various meanings. The lighthouse also seems to be very interesting to us, the tattoo lovers. Most of the time we see him in pictures, movies and read him in fairy tales. But nowadays, some people prefer to have it on their skin, as a lighthouse tattoo, because it represents a multitude of symbolic meanings. The lighthouse tattoo can be made very colorful in a really creative way and in almost every size. In this article you will have the opportunity to see different types of light tower tattoos and learn about different meanings on this colorful tattoo. And sure, this article will be the inspiration for your Light House Tattoo.

Lighthouse tattoo meaning

Leuchtturm Tattoo - Ideen und Bedeutung
However, you have already convinced yourself how good the lighthouse motif looks on the skin, now you want to find out for sure what it symbolizes. The lighthouse tattoo is an old symbol and for the time when it was worn by sailors and men of war, it had a more meaningful meaning. Even today, this symbol means a lot to the wearer of the tattoo. Lighthouses have long been a symbol of hope and charity, a pictorial lighthouse for the needy. Someone who is an active supporter of charities might find that a lighthouse tattoo is the perfect design for you to represent who you are.

Lighthouse tattoos are often together

stung with other motives

Leuchtturm Tattoo Meerjungfrau
If you see our picture gallery with tattoo ideas, you will notice that the lighthouse is not displayed alone. The light house tattoo will always contain some other motifs. Throughout the lighthouse tattoo design, other different maritime symbols are added to make it more beautiful. Moon, anchor,
Leuchtturm Tattoo Ideen
Leuchtturm Tattoo Bedeutung
Leuchtturm Tattoo Männer Tätowierung
Leuchtturm Tattoo Bedeutung und Design Ideen
Leuchtturm Tattoo Ideen
Leuchtturm Tattoo Ideen
Leuchtturm Tattoo Ideen
Leuchtturm Tattoo farbig gestochen

Leuchtturm Tattoo Symbole und Bedeutung
Tattoos mit Bedeutung - Leuchtturm Tattoo kleine Tattoos
Leuchtturm Kompass Tattoo Design
Leuchtturm Tattoo Vorlage
Leuchtturm Tattoo Vorlage
Leuchtturm Tattoo - Tattoo mit Bedeutung
Leuchtturm Tattoo mit Bergen
Leuchtturm Tattoo farbig Design
Leuchtturm Tattoo Design Ideen Hand Tattoo
Leuchtturm Tattoo Design Ideen Frauen Tattoos
Leuchtturm Tattoo Design Ideen Männer Tattoos
Leuchtturm Tattoo Design Ideen Männer Tattoos


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