Light Brown Hair color is very much in vogue in 2017, so in this article, we offer you useful information about which nuances are most up-to-date at the moment and what make-up they can best bring to bear. You will also get an answer to the questions of who owns this hair coat and what hairstyle the light brown hair can best emphasize. Let yourself be inspired!

Light brown hair color: To whom does it fit and which are the trendy nuances?

Light brown hair color has a great variety of different nuances, but this year, tones such as espresso, nougat, cafĂ© latte, caramel, copper and golden brown are particularly hip. Among them, golden brown is perhaps the most popular shade, as it looks tender, natural and as if kissed by the sun. The fact that golden brown is really modern today is also shown by the fact that more and more stars are choosing it – such as the famous actresses Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara and Christen Stewart. But light brown hair color is not for everyone – it emphasizes the beauty of women with warmer skin tones. But if you have a rosy complexion, you should rather do without it. Light brown goes well with hairstyles that are underlined feminine – such as an elegant braided hairstyle or medium-length hairstyle with a bangs, and makes wavy and curly hair look much more voluminous.

Light brown hair color – useful make-up tips

Of course, when applying make-up, you should not only consider the color of the eyes and the skin tone, but also your hair color. Here are some useful tips on how to use makeup to accentuate your beautiful light brown hair. Choose the qualitative foundation that gives your skin an even complexion and matches your hair color – the light brown is especially well-suited to the beige nuances with a golden line. When choosing eyeshadow, eye color plays the most important role – if you have brown or black eyes, opt for warm tones such as old rose, bronze and apricot, and lighter eyes – for nuances such as light purple, gray and moss green. The lipstick could be in a pink or brown shade, or even bright red – if you want to accentuate your lips.

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