Not only is LED garden lighting particularly modern – it lets you set breathtaking accents and create spectacular outdoor lighting effects, as well as turning your own garden into a favorite place to spend memorable evenings. In this article you will find useful and original ideas for LED lighting in the garden area, which can help you. Let yourself be inspired!

LED garden lighting for a pleasant atmosphere in the outdoor area

In the summer months it is especially pleasant to spend the warm evenings in the open air. An ideal place for this is your own garden, especially if it is lit in the right way. LED garden lighting has versatile uses and plays a significant role in the design of the exterior. It can, for example, direct our attention towards a tree or a beautiful flowerbed – perfect way to relax after a long and exhausting day at work.

LED garden lighting – possible applications

LED garden lighting can create a truly romantic atmosphere in the outdoor area. Have you once dreamed of an unforgettable dinner with your lover – under dim lights and surrounded by flowers? If so, indirect LED lighting in the garden is just for you. An original variant is, for example, to place colored lights at the tree trunks, garden paths or fountains in the garden. You can also opt for light bodies in unusual shapes – there are on the market, for example, original garden lamps that look like tulips or butterflies, and will certainly give your garden a unique atmosphere. The romantic lanterns in different retro shapes are also great way, as they can create magical lighting effects. When it comes to LED garden lighting, the possible variants are really much.

Where garden lighting is most needed?

The LED garden lighting is not only attakaktiv, it can also deter thieves and makes sure to avoid unpleasant accidents at night. But which zones in the garden should you actually illuminate? Good lighting definitely need the entrance, the stairs, the garden paths and fences, as well as the pool if there is such. The terrace must also be well lit so that the owners can spend pleasant evenings there. The accent lighting also plays a significant role in the beautiful overall picture – important garden elements, such as small fountains, flowerbeds and lawns also need light that enhances their beauty.

Light body for the outside area

Because of its functionality, LED garden lighting has become an inseparable part of modern garden design. There are two types of light bodies that are used outdoors – open and closed. The open ones usually have a spherical shape and are particularly suitable for the garden. These luminaires can be placed equidistant from one another by emphasizing a geometric figure – square, circle, polygon, etc. You can buy some small spotlights and hide them in the bushes or in the grass, or choose large and stylish garden lamps that are real Be eye-catching. The first variant harmonizes with the modern minimalist garden design, while the second one is particularly suitable for exotic Mediterranean gardens or those in the English style.

Direct or indirect lighting

If you choose light bodies for the garden area, you should definitely pay attention to the type of light beam. Direct light is needed if you want the object to be clearly visible and perceived as standing. For example, direct LED lighting is a good choice for the patio or entrance of the house. You need indirect light to mark only the object – for example, it is a good variant for flower beds or garden halls.

Built-in garden lighting and solar lamps

Particularly spectacular lighting effects in the garden can create the so-called built-in lighting. In principle, these light bodies are not large – about 10 to 20 centimeters, but the light coming from below can be a completely new look to your outside area. Lately, the solar lamps are gaining more and more popularity, because they are 100 percent environmentally friendly. With solar lamps, your garden can be perfectly lit all night, as they use the accumulated solar energy during the day.

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