Sauna is becoming increasingly popular. Especially when you are still a beginner in the field of controlled sweating, you often make mistakes that affect the optimal relaxation. We’ll take a closer look at a few important things to keep in mind when you are having a sauna. So the next sauna session will be a success.

Tip 1: Equipment and accessories

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If you want to get the best results from sauna and relaxation afterwards, you should pay attention to the right accessories. With the following tips you have the possibility to prepare for the next sauna visit in the best possible way.

These utensils should not be missing when sauna:

  • a bottle of water (to quench your thirst after sweating)
  • a few warm socks (so you can really cuddle up while relaxing)
  • two large sauna towels (to underlay in the sauna)
  • maybe a cozy bathrobe (so you can really relax)
  • maybe a small pillow (to underlay the relaxation of the head on a couch)
  • non-slip flip-flops (for hygiene and protection against athlete’s foot )
  • Soap, shower and shampoo (for body care before and after)

Tip 2: Only look for a place after entering the sauna

A mistake that beginners the sauna is often committed is that you open the sauna door and already look for a suitable place longer. Most of the heat in the sauna is lost. Other guests often complain about the cold air that comes pouring in. For this reason, you should internalize the rule that you first enter the sauna completely and then look around intensively for a suitable place. By the way, sauna doors always go outwards for security reasons.

Tips 3, 4 and 5: Other useful tips for beginners



take enough time

For a relaxing sauna visit you should plan in about a time of 2 to 3 hours. Meals should be at least 2 hours old.

As a beginner in the morning to visit the sauna

Sauna beginners who are not so used to the heat and heat should rather go to the sauna during the day. This allows the organism to respond appropriately to the strain and withstand the sauna.

choose a lower row of seats

Beginners should first sit in the lower seats in a medium-warm sauna. This allows the body to slowly get used to the heat load.

Tip 6: Consideration to the neighbors

When you are in the sauna with a partner, there are often many things to talk about. Here you should note, however, that they are not alone in the sauna. Keep a low volume when communicating with each other (you may even whisper)

Tip 7: Be careful with sauna infusions

In any case, pay attention to the additional heat irritation in infusions. Not all sauna visitors can handle the same heat. The amount of water you have to put on the hot stones must be the size of the sauna. You should follow the rule “20-30 grams of water per cubic meter of volume”.

Tip 8: The right cooling after sweating

After sweating in the sauna, you should first cool off in the fresh air. In addition, you can take the opportunity to cool off in a cold plunge pool or with a cold shower. It is important that you slip into the bathrobe immediately after cooling or put on a dry towel. Then the relaxation phase can begin.

Tip 9: Use a scrub after the sauna

By sweating in the hot sauna or in a bio” sauna> , the skin is optimally prepared for a subsequent exfoliation. The relaxing exfoliation can z. B. from salt, oils or milk are mixed.

Tip 10: Sauna only after training with normal load

Many sauna beginners make the mistake of training you very hard first and then entering the sauna. Often the body does not cope with this double burden. So do a little exercise before the next sauna session!

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