Here we are again, approaching the festive season of the year, loved by so many of us, embracing the Christmas season with all its festivities, decorations, cosiness and winter beauty. For many, pulling out the dusty box of Christmas toys is a long-awaited tradition that not only employs the entire family, but also lightens up the whole house with the magic sparks of Christmas. And who knows best about Christmas decoration as our friends from the North? Yes, the Scandinavians have a long-standing relationship with the beauty of the season, and every Scandi house you enter has this cozy, yet stylish interpretation of the festive decor. One of our favorite interpretations is the wood Christmas tree. Do you know that you can make a wooden Christmas tree yourself at the last moment? Let’s take a look at the best-kept Scandinavian secrets for a true Scandinavian Christmas decor and see for yourself how easy it is to make a wood Christmas tree yourself with our DIY tutorials.

Tinker minimalist wood Christmas tree

Holz Tannenbaum groß basteln - Ideen und Inspirationen
No matter if you have already decorated a Christmas tree, you can never have enough Christmas decorations and Christmas trees. Why not frame your own recreation area with a modern wood Christmas tree? This DIY wooden tree is such a simple addition and deserves its place in your home.

DIY instructions:

Holz Weihnachtsbaum selber basteln - DIY Anleitung
The required materials
Large glass bottle / half bowl
Dulux tester pots
Wooden dowel the width of the bottle opening
12mm wooden dowel rods
12mm drill and electric drill
abrasive paper
Holz Tannenbaum groß - Holz Weihnachtsbaum basteln

Step 1: Give your vase a little color

Holz Weihnachtsbaum Anleitung - Ideen

Step 2: Drill

Weihnachtsbaum aus Holz selber machen Anleitung
Mark where you want to make holes. All should be aligned horizontally. Drill through the center of the dowel at the points you have marked. Sand off all rough spots.

Step 3: Assemble the Christmas tree by spreading the wooden sticks in different directions

Weihnachtsbaum aus Holzlatten - DIY Ideen


Weihnachtsbaum aus Holz kaufen oder selber machen

The wood Christmas tree does not necessarily have to be big – the perfect Christmas decoration this year is simple, like those little Christmas trees

DIY instructions:

Holz Weihnachtsbaum klein selber machen
– 3 sticks of wood 1/2 “wide, 1 bar 3” wide
– Sanding block
– adhesive
– Picture frame hook
– String
– Christmas tree balls
Holz Weihnachtsbaum Ideen für Weihnachtsdekoration
Glue the wood in a triangular shape and dab the glue to every corner. Let it sit and dry before sawing off the excess ends. Sand the corners and edges. Cut the 3 “wooden stick about 3/4 of the length of the base of the triangle and sharpen the rough edge. Apply a line of glue in the middle of the wood and then press the base of the triangle onto it. Glue the picture frame hook on the inner side of the upper corner of the triangle. Let it dry before hanging the ornament on it.


Кleine Holz Weihnachtsbaum als Weihnachtsdeko

For even more DIY instructions and inspirations, scroll down!

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