You are invited to a wedding, birthday party or just have a last minute party planned? The first stop is the barber. But what do we do if he has no free appointments at the last moment? An updo is the simplest way to do it yourself. Also suitable for everyday use. If it has to go fast in the morning and your hair is not lying straight, updos will come to the rescue. We’ll show you how to make a last minute party hairstyle yourself with an updo.

Updos – which hairstyles go very fast in 5 minutes?

We found some quick hairstyles that are done in only 5 minutes and are suitable for every day as well as for a party. The lightest variant is of course the ponytail. Although this hairstyle looks messy, with a little gel and hairspray it can look very elegant and great. When it comes to “Messy Hair” is also the famous “Messy Bun” – a casual Dutt, which is announced in recent years. Very well suited for a special occasion and fewer wedding plaited updos. Many simple” updos> can be found in our picture gallery full of creative ideas. Now look up the updos instructions:

Updos Instructions in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Tie your hair into a ponytail

Step 2: Druching the ponytail underneath the hair tie

Step 3: Make a dutt shape once you have threaded the ponytail and fix it with Bobby Pin.

Step 4: Pull the hair apart a little to create a casual look. Then fix with hairspray.

Step 5: Swirl the ponytail with a twisting motion of the wrist.


Braided Hairstyles Instructions for DIY

With the same updo instructions you create two funny Dutte

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