With a really successful Halloween Make Up you do not need a Halloween Costume!

Before we show the Pop Art makeup instructions, we want to introduce you to the comic world. Pop art is an art form that originated in 1950 and comes from England. Pop Art is known for the picture “Crying Girl” by the American artist Roy Lichtenstein. He is considered as a representative of the art movement in the USA. Pop art includes motives from dime folders and imitated comic drawing. The first step in this drawing style are the black contours, then come the colorful cartoon characters with a red dotted skin. Halloween is the best way to turn you into a cartoon character. Learn from our make-up instructions how you can do it yourself:

Halloween Make Up – Pop Art Make Up Instructions

All you need for pop art make up are colors! Perfect for this style are the colors red, white and black. The most important step in Pop Art Make Up is the preparation. Before you start applying make-up, you should thoroughly cleanse your face. The specialists advise you to apply moisturizer on the skin. How to remove the makeup after the Halloween party easier.

This is the make-up we used for the make-up instructions:

Step 1: Prime your face with white paint

Step 2: Black outlines: Draw thick black lines to sharpen your eyebrow and create a pop art look

Step 3: Apply black lines on your forehead and on the half of your nose as shown in the picture:

Step 4: Then follow the eyeshadows – to this look fit cyclamen eyeshadow

Step 5: Make the lips creamy red

Step 6: Stick on false eyelashes to create a stunning look. Tip: Use a pair of tweezers.

Step 7: On the glued pennants, apply black kohl around the traces of sticking

Step 8: Tear under the eyes in bold color complete the comic look – paint it with the help of a thin brush!

Step 9: Underline lips with black

Step 10: Pop Star Look is not possible without red spots on the white primed face

Our Halloween make up in pop star style is ready!

Tip: Your make-up will last longer with hairspray!

Idea # 2: Pop Star Halloween Make Up – Zombie Look

You need a zombie makeup:

– liquid black eyeliner
– Brushes in different sizes and make-up sponge
– dark eye shadow (purple, white, yellow)
– false eyelashes for sticking
– red lipstick or others in strong color
– white kohl
– Mascara
– make-up color in the following color – green, red, yellow, white
– yellow hair spray or yellow wig

Do DIY tutorial for zombie makeup yourself

The classic Halloween makeup: Skull

Make-up Halloween clown

DIY instructions:

Choose the perfect

We wish you an unforgettable Halloween Party!

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