Bulb lamp: Chandeliers and lampshades are no longer trendy

Lampe Glühbirne Kabel rot Vintage Look
Lampe Glühbirne selber machen
Lampe Glühbirne Gestaltung originell
Lampe Glühbirne Decke hängend Küche
Lampe Glühbirne Esszimmer zwei effektvoll
Lampe Glühbirne dekorieren mit Draht
Lampe Glühbirne herrliche Idee mit Holzrahmen
Lamp light bulb brings a modern, minimalist touch to the interior
Lampe Glühbirne hängende Nachttischleuchte
Lampe Glühbirne Kabel Fassung farbig
Lampe Glühbirne Gestaltungsideen Gruppe
Lampe Glühbirne wie ein Sternenhimmel
Lampe Glühbirne Hängeleuchte Holzgriff
Lamp light bulb gives you numerous design options. For example, you could opt for several light bulbs with cables distributed in different directions so that you get them like “starry skies” or tie the cables together to create an original group (see our photos for examples). Another idea is to make stylish hanging lamps yourself, which is just perfect as a bedside lamp. For the purpose you need only a handle made of wood or plastic, around which you can wrap the cable. In this way you get an original wall decoration, which becomes a real eye-catcher in the bedroom.

Chic LED bulbs that you definitely want to have

Lampe Glühbirne LED DEsigner
Lampe Glühbirne wirklich modern Fassung Stahl
Lampe Glühbirne DEsigner Modellen LED
Lampe Glühbirne originelle Pendelleuchte
Lampe Glühbirne LED Stab Harz
Lampe Glühbirne LED elegant Leuchtstab Harz
Lampe Glühbirne LED sehr modern verschiedene Fasungen
Lampe Glühbirne Nachttischleuchten Schlafzimmer
Lampe Glühbirne herrlicher Look Strahl nach unten
Lampe Glühbirne moderne Ideen Innendesign
Lampe Glühbirne LED hängend Holzgriff origineller Look
Lampe Glühbirne LED Pendelleuchte Schlafzimmer
Lampe Glühbirne LED Holzringe skandinavisch
Above, we have already mentioned that there are also attractive light bulbs, which look very modern and unusual, and for which you can also decide. These include the LED light bulbs, which could also be colored. These not only look impressive, but also can reduce the energy costs. Just great, right? Below the photos above you will find examples of a really great design by Buster + Punch, in which the light bulb has a light stick made of resin in the middle. It spreads pleasant light and at the same time throws a beam down, which makes the lamp just perfect for reading. The look is pretty chic and the frame is available in different colors – black, gold, silver, copper.

Lamp Bulb – The Futuristic Free Floating Magnetic Bulb

Lampe Glühbirne kabellos
Lampe Glühbirne kabellos futuristischer Look
Lampe Glühbirne schwebend
Lampe Glühbirne Magnet herrliche Tischlampe
Lampe Glühbirne Magnet freischwebend
Lampe Glühbirne Magnet wirklich toll
Lampe Glühbirne Magnet Holzplattform
Lampe Glühbirne schwebend Plattform Holz modern
And a very impressive variant of lamp light bulb is the wireless magnetic light bulb. It looks like it would float freely in the air! The photos above introduce you to the magnetic light bulb “Flyte” whose futuristic look can leave one stunned. Thanks to a combination of magnets, the wireless light bulb can float freely without touching its wooden platform. This is exactly what turns the lamp on and off. The intelligent design is based on the induction discovered by Tesla, which also powers all LED light bulbs. The model “Flyte” is made in Sweden and the platform – offered in three different types of wood, namely oak, walnut and ash. The lamp looks Scandinavian stylish, and is the perfect idea for your night or coffee table. It’s compact, practical and will definitely impress all your guests! The only downside is the price. The magnetic bulb costs nearly $ 400 in the US, but it’s still worth it in our opinion.

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