Skull motifs are the most popular tattoo motifs among women and men. Surely you have already noticed a skull motif of young woman. It is currently very trendy and of course has its name – La Catrina. Here you can look at what it looks like:

Really nice! This face is not only popular as a tattoo motif, but is very popular as Halloween masks, face painting and dressing” up. today however we tell you where the motif la catrina comes from as a tattoo and what meaning it has for wearer. after story make sure that this is just let yourself be inspired>

History behind the trend – La Catrina Tattoo

As you can see, the La Catrina tattoo is very recognizable and that’s why it became a symbol of the day of death in the last century. It comes from the Mexican and means “dia de los muertos”. The day of death will be celebrated as a folk festival from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November. In Mexico, the dead is dealt with in a completely different way, and during this celebration, this commemoration day is celebrated. In contrast to our understanding and customs, death in Mexico is not associated with the color black, but celebrated very colorful and colorful. Maybe that is also the reason why you can get the La Catrina Tattoo more and more often in beautiful colors on the skin.

La Catrina in colorful tattoo design

La Catrina Tattoo is often stung with red roses, or in a colorful color palette. No matter in which colors La Catrina is displayed, this symbol has its characteristic features. The eyes and the mouth are strongly emphasized and above the lips are usually vertical lines. They give the impression that the lips are sewn with yarn. Other features are the symmetrical shapes and the dark lines. La Catrina always has a dark tip of the nose and border of the eyes. If flowers are also stung (as in the picture above), they are intensely colored in most cases. All these typical features and colors have their meaning and make the La Catrina tattoo so popular. Take a look at what’s behind the trend symbol here:

La Catrina tattoo meaning

And now comes the time of surprise – something other than the day of death and a solid meaning behind the trend La Catrina does not exist. This is the Mexican way of dealing with death and stung as a tattoo can mean to the wearer that he is not afraid of death. Some believe that the La Catrina tattoo can honor the wearer even after death, or make him immortal. La Catrina means something like “the rich” or “the wealthy”, but not as a compliment, but with a derogatory undertone.

La Catrina tattoo templates

Over the years, the La Catrina Tattoo has changed a lot and there are many templates for this motif. It is very popular as well as in men, as well as in women. The most popular places are – arm, chest, back and so on. The black-and-white variant is preferred, but spiced up with one or two colors. A trend of the last years is to paint La Catrina on a photo of the beloved person and to let sting. A variety of variants and creative ideas can be found in our picture gallery.

So the sweetheart is depicted as a La Catrina tattoo:

Free template for printing

Image gallery with stunning tattoo designs

La Catrina only shown in red

La Catrina is often depicted with a butterfly

La Catrina with clock usually symbolizes the time of death

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