Choose kitchen wall color – depending on the interior design style

Küche Wandfarbe Weiß Grau modernes Interieur
Küche Wandfarbe Grau Weiß raue Backsteinwände
Küche Wandfarbe Creme raue Ziegelwände
Küche Wandfarbe Petrol modern
Küche Wandfarbe weiß tolle Marmor Fliesen
Küche Wandfarbe Weiß 3D Wandpaneelen
Changing the kitchen wall color gives you the opportunity to make the cooking area brand new and tasteful. Because the colors create the atmosphere in the room – take a look at our photos to see for yourself. The newly painted kitchen also means a new ambience, even if the furniture stays the same. Of course, if you choose the color, your own taste plays the biggest role, but there are other important factors that you should take into account, such as the furnishing style, the furnishings and the room conditions.
Typical of the Scandinavian style, for example, the neutral and cooler tones such as white, cream color, gray and dark blue. In comparison, warm colors such as sunny yellow are characteristic of the country house style, which make a wonderful combination with the neutral and earthly nuances. Delicate pastel shades are the best choice for a vintage kitchen, while for industrial styling you can opt for the colors Golden, Petrol and Anthracite.

Kitchen Choose wall color: consider the room conditions

Küche Wandfarbe Weiß Orange LED Beleuchtung
Küche Wandfarbe Wei´Lila Akzente
Küche Wandfarbe braun vertikaler Garten
Küche Wandfarbe eindrucksvolle Tapeten

Küche Wandfarbe Tapete Muster geometrisch
Küche Wandfarbe Salbei moderner Look
Küche Wandfarbe Salbei Cremeweiß
Küche Wandfarbe Anthrazit Rezept
Küche Wandfarbe Hellbraun rote Akzente
Küche Wandfarbe Anthrazit Weiß
When choosing a new kitchen wall paint, the size of the room is crucial. For smaller kitchens, the warm and neutral shades are the best possible choice. Neutral colors such as white, cream, terracotta, beige, chocolate brown and even gray make each small room visually more spacious. And the warm tones – sun yellow, orange, red, create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. If the nuances are intense, you should not overdo it – as the saying goes, “less is more”. Instead of painting the whole kitchen bright red, it would be much better to just make an accent wall or set individual accents, right?
Cool nuances in the kitchen look very stylish, but must be used sparingly, so they do not create a cloudy atmosphere.

Kitchen wall color: natural tones are very trendy!

Küche Wandfarbe Pastellgelb einladend
Küche Wandfarbe Minze Spritzschütz Glas
Küche Wandfarbe Olivgrün herrlicher Look
Küche Wandfarbe Olivgrün Akzentwand
Küche Wandfarbe Ocker eindrucksvoll
Küche Wandfarbe Olivgrün natürlich
Küche Wandfarbe Olivengrün Pastellblau
Küche Wandfarbe Weiß pastelliges Gelb
Küche Wandfarbe Pastellgrün Weiß
Among the most modern kitchen wall colors currently include the natural tones such as golden yellow, black brown, olive green, ocher, mint, which impress with their chic, timeless look. These nuances make a wonderful combination with wooden kitchen furniture – with lighter or dark fronts, but also with materials such as concrete and stainless steel. Natural shades are basically neutral and work well with shiny handleless fronts and high-tech equipment. If you are looking for an elegant and puristic cuisine, you are undoubtedly the best choice.

Kitchen Choose wall color: Gray looks super modern and stylish

Küche Wandfarbe Perlengrau
Küche Wandfarbe Grau Anthrazit Weiß
Küche Wandfarbe Grau elegantKüche Wandfarbe Salbei natürlich
Trendy are also all pastel shades, as well as the color gray. Maybe the last variant sounds rather uninteresting to you. In reality, it is exactly the opposite. Because gray has a number of shades and can literally be combined with any other color. For example, the combinations between gray and white or cream that look incredibly modern and stylish are particularly popular. Gray wall paint is characteristic of the current minimalist, Scandinavian and industrial styles, and blends perfectly with modern kitchen furniture and appliances. And last but not least, it creates exciting combinations with bright colors like bright yellow, red, turquoise and pink.

Choose kitchen wall color depending on their influence on the mood

Küche Wandfarbe Creme Akzente Pink Violett
Küche Wandfarbe Violett Blickfang
Küche Wandfarbe Senfgelb einladend
Küche Wandfarbe Rot Gelb gesättigt
Küche Wandfarbe Grau Akzente Pastelllila
Küche Wandfarbe Weiß Akzente Grün Anthrazit
Küche Wandfarbe Dunkelrot Spritzschütz Glas
Küche Wandfarbe Blaugrau pastellig
Küche Wandfarbe Lila pastellig
And last but not least, the colors also have an influence on the mood. Cooler colors such as blue and green are natural, harmonious and bring peace to the room. In contrast, warm tones such as yellow and orange bring coziness and liveliness into the room, creating an inviting ambience. Pastel shades look fresh and delicate, and the neutrals – noble and calm. Other ideas for successful


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