The kitchen lighting ideas are one of the most important parts of this room because it adds the finishing touch to the overall design.
The right suggestions and thoughtful placement of the kitchen lighting increases the potential to avoid all sorts of design damage, but you need to choose a suitable combination of daylight and artificial light, and of course adjust it after the color conversion of the kitchen.

The kitchen ideas for a mix of artificial and natural light

Very popular is the indirect kitchen lighting, which is located in the recesses or projections high on a wall or on the ceiling. It can not only be used as a main lighting, but also to fulfill a decorative and aesthetic function. Your biggest advantage is the hidden accessories. The beautiful chandeliers and the other possible stylish hanging chandeliers in various shapes and sizes allow easy and safe movement around in the kitchen. Mostly they are placed in the middle of the room and a classic energy-saving lamp.

Small savings lamps as a kitchen idea for lighting

Where the kitchen work is much more pronounced, you need a much stronger lighting. It is, for example, the area around the sink, worktop or stove. The light should be reasonably thick so you can also see your meals in the kitchen or their preparation. Most often, such lighting is placed under a kitchen cabinet.
If you already have an island kitchen, you know that you can use it in different ways. That’s why you need to develop ideas on how the kitchen area is best illuminated. It all depends on your personal taste, whether you opt for a simple, sleek design of lighting directly above the kitchen island or you choose a larger flashlight that clearly and effectively maps the entire island.

Strong Lich under the kitchen island

If you like the antique elegance and prefer a suitable interior kitchen, you may opt for an old beautiful antique lamp.
Chandeliers are also desired at this time because they contain spheres, cubes, cylinders, squares and other trendy shapes that are extremely remarkable compared to their non-traditional dishes. In such cases it is better to choose LED lights and do not be afraid of the different colors and the countless patterns!


With the right choice of lighting, your kitchen will be a bright, attractive yet harmonious reflection of your taste.

Kitchen lighting – haphazard

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