When it comes to protecting your kitchen walls from stains, splashes, grease stains and fingerprints, the spray walls are the ideal solution. They not only do the job when it comes to the toughest industrial kitchens, but are also easy to clean with readily available household products. In addition, they always look new, whatever the challenges in their new kitchen would be. In this text you will find many clever tips and kitchen back wall ideas!

Kitchen back wall – this is how your kitchen always looks new and clean

The kitchen backs are not just about solving problems; The ever-evolving range of kitchen back wall designs has UK specialists on offer today, giving you endless options for enhancing your kitchen’s visual appeal. Whether you want to create the heart of the home / family, an elegant eat-in kitchen, a cool hangout or a creative culinary hub, the dashboard can actually play a pivotal role in transforming your vision. Here are five considerations for getting started:

Kitchen back wall Ideas – Which material should I choose?

The popularity of the kitchen back wall has led to a wide range of options, such as stainless steel, glass, tiles, bricks and marble. While all these materials look stunning, the glass remains a very popular choice because it combines a natural beauty with a translucent non-porous surface that provides antibacterial protection and is extremely easy to keep clean. The specialists use high quality toughened glass for their splash walls; It can withstand temperatures up to 400 ° C and it is extremely impact resistant.

Küchenrückwand Ideas – Which size do I need? One size does not fit all bulkhead standard designs?

It is usually available for DIY installation in a wide range of materials. If, however, your kitchen offers a challenging environment with difficult angles or sizes, you can turn to professional services that include laser measuring, custom design and hand-cut templates. For difficult shapes, the glass offers a great versatility because it can be cut both in large slices, as well as in small ones.

Which shapes and colors can I choose?

All kitchen back wall designers will offer a range of standard designs that utilize and show the natural beauty of the material chosen. One of the reasons why the glass has become so popular is its reflective surface and the natural light that gives it to the room. It is an extremely versatile medium.

Can I create my own kitchen back wall design?

Kitchen back wall design studios promote individual creativity when it comes to kitchen back walls. Working with glass means that customized images, prints, patterns, and artwork are digitally incorporated during the manufacturing process. The results are impressive, and – of course – as individual as the person who designed them. If you have a specific requirement – let’s say you want to create the illusion of space in a small kitchen – the designer can probably help you achieve it.

Kitchen back wall ideas – Lighting for glass kitchen backs

If you choose glass, you might want to check if LED lighting is integrated into your design. The reflective properties of glass are particularly responsive to this type of lighting, and the potential of your kitchen as an airy workplace is evolving day by day. The glass rear walls can be lit from the front, illuminated from above and, the most famous of all, backlit with LED multi-color changer and dimmable function, with remote control. The results are breathtaking and absolutely irresistible!

Armed with all these pointers, a kitchen back wall counts in terms of time and money completely!

Let yourself be inspired and your kitchen with this clever kitchen back wall ideas. Adding a kitchen splashback in your kitchen is a remarkably simple way to totally transform it. From traditional bricks to trendy glass – and from shiny metal to rustic wood – today’s kitchen back walls seem to have no end.

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