If you like the small tattoos, a kissing tattoo is just perfect for you! The motif is particularly popular today, and looks both delicate and discreet, as well as very modern and attractive. In this post you will learn all about the meaning of the kiss mouth tattoo and also find some great design ideas – in realistic red and classic black. We hope that you will be inspired by our ideas to have such a tattoo engraved! Enjoy reading!

What does the kissing tattoo symbolize?

The Kussmund Tattoo impresses with a fresh and modern look, is suitable for various parts of the body, and can be combined with other motives – what more could you wish for! The impression of lipstick can be made in any color – from the classic red and black to fancy nuances such as green, purple and blue, and symbolizes in principle love and passion. Of course, the meaning of the tattoo changes when it is combined with other motifs. Popular, for example, is the combination of the kissing mouth and skull and cross-shaped bones – the well-known symbol of toxic chemicals. This “poisonous” kiss could stand for dangerous or fake love.

Kissing tattoo – modern design ideas

In principle, the kiss mouth has no general meaning as a symbol. But you could make the tattoo very personal by tattooing the lip print of a favorite human. How is that possible? The person just needs to make up his lips with lipstick and kiss a white sheet of paper. An experienced tattoo artist can transfer the impression to your skin. Alternatively, to make the tattoo unique, you could also add a name or date that has a special meaning to you – for example, your wedding date or your child’s birthday. The choice of the body is a matter of taste – the kissing tattoo is very elegant both on the hand or foot joint, as well as on the chest, shoulder, on the collarbone, arm or back.

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