When your little child becomes a teenager, you have to change the complete facility in the nursery. All the cute stuffed animals need to get out, but how are you going to design the room to cater to the teenage mood? We have collected 21 super cool bedding ideas that will make your teens feel at home in their privacy room. Do not forget that the world of young people is colorful and classic white linen is prohibited. Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind is your child’s opinion and beliefs. First, discuss with him what he likes and how best to express his interest. Your child is already adults!

Which colors for cool bedding?

Everyone knows that the girls know and see more colors than the boys. Therefore, be careful with the color scheme in the girls room. Cool bed linen means something different for every teenager. If your daughter wants to look like a princess and she likes typical feminine colors, there’s no doubt about it – Rosa is the best choice! But there are young women who have other interests and hate that color. Then you definitely do not opt ​​for bright colors. Turquoise, aquamarine or similar blue nuances, combined with yellow bring a good mood. Orange, yellow or red nuances bring a lot of sun and mood in teen rooms. Important for the girls room are the pillows – the more, the better! Here you can let your imagination run free and choose colorful colors. If you have a little man at home, you already know that you want to emphasize his masculinity. Bright and bright colors are totally forbidden. Gray, blue or military green are best suited to a boys room. The motives are important for the boys.

The linens are not cool without trend motifs

Your son is definitely a football or basketball fan? Then use sports motifs on the bedding. Every man loves cars, whether teen or adult. Then this motif is the best choice and you will certainly not hear “No, I do not like it”. Almost every girl loves animals, especially the magical animals or cute cats and dogs. But do not forget that the interests of children can change quickly, and tomorrow your little girl can no longer love this animal. By no means choose princesses for the printed bedding – your daughter will not play with Barby anymore. The wonderful flowers on the bed linen can be the focus. If your child, girl or boy, has a favorite popstar, you are very relieved.

Funny linens are absolutely cool!

All bedding variants with a funny saying are cool! Here you can not argue with the teenagers. You will find many funny bedding options on the market, or you can have them printed with your child’s favorite theme or heading. In the picture you can see VIP bed linen. Imagine how a teenager reacts to such a gift – of course with a big smile! Teenagers always want to attract attention. No one can refuse the party bed linen! In our cool picture gallery below, you’ll find a variety of creative examples that will bring you unique ideas. Be inspired and be cool parents!

Bedding design inspired by movies

Beware of teens! This bedding can be a bomb!

“Do not wake me!” – Did you hear that?

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