Jotul is a world leading Norwegian manufacturer of fireplaces and wood stoves. They have subsidiaries in Denmark, USA, France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Poland, and market their products in 43 countries on six continents under the brands Scan, Atra, Ild and Warm.

Jotul is one of the leading manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces in the world. They wanted to break with established truths regarding how a wood stove should look. The result is a timeless cast-iron stove adapted to the modern home. The demand is so high that the Kråkerøy manufacturer sometimes could not manage enough deliveries.

Production in Norway takes place in Fredrikstad and Halden. The foreign production facilities are located in Vissenbjerg in Denmark, Portland in the USA, Motz one Chautagne in France and Gdansk in Poland. Jotul Group has an annual turnover of about 90 million euros and employs about 700 people worldwide.

The new exciting and innovative fireplace insert

Jotul I 520 is a newly developed fireplace insert. Due to the flat top, it is ideal for both new installation and for inserting in the old fireplace openings. Now you can enjoy a clean burning with the modern fireplace insert in the open fireplace from the 80s.

The decorative frame has the acknowledged quality of Jotul and is made of cast iron. It has clean lines and a timeless design. The special type of glass ensures a clear and clean view of the burning logs.

Cast iron has always been a preferred material for the production of fireplaces because of its exceptional strength and durability. It stores and distributes the heat more evenly and for a much longer time than other materials used in the manufacture of heating elements. The use of cast iron greatly facilitates maintenance. The individual parts are easy to replace, if necessary, since iron does not deform even after many years of use. This gives you the guarantee that the door of your fireplaces will be firmly closed even after many years of use. The spare parts are the reason why Jotun is so long-term usable.

Jotul-functional as well as sustainable

timeless products unite the past with the present

Norwegian style

Jotul is one of the oldest manufacturers of stoves

Tradition and origin

Jotul F305


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