Maybe there is no one in the world who does not want to visit the land of the rising sun. A Japan tour feels like a dream come true. Japan evokes different associations in us: from ancient Buddha temples to modern cities, interesting cuisine and great cultural assets. A Important tips for a Japan tour
Japan Rundreise: Die Reise Ihres Lebens
First, if you decide to travel to Japan, you should choose the perfect season. The early summer is not recommended, because there is a rainy season. From November to mid-March is also pretty cold and you will not feel so comfortable in Japan. But from the middle of March to the end of April, it is something completely different: perfect weather and cherry blossom! What else do you need? But you should prepare your Japan tour earlier, because it can happen that most hotels are already booked. For May, there is also an earlier preparation, because of the so-called Golden Week, when all of Japan is on the legs and in a preparation time. Probably from June to September is perfect for a first trip to Japan, because it is still warm and not so crowded with tourists. And now comes the budget. Japan is famous as an expensive travel destination. That’s not true in recent years, and compared to other expensive destinations, it’s pretty cheap. German citizens simply need a passport valid for at least the next 6 months to visit Japan.
Japan Rundreise: Hinweise für eine Reise nach Japan
Japan Rundreise: Natur und Sehenswürdigkeiten

Japan Roundtrips: Top 10 Popular Destinations

Here are our 10 suggestions on which destinations in Japan you should visit:

  1. Fushimi Inari shrine – more than a thousand red Torii in Kyoto
  2. Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou
  3. Hirsochima Peace Museum
  4. Itsukushima shrine- In the bay of Miyajimadas Island is the 16 meter high Torii
  5. The largest wooden building – Todaiji in Nara
  6. Kiyomizudera- UNESCO World Heritage Site
  7. Schinjuko Gyoen in Tokyo – the largest park in the capital
  8. Kinkakuji in Kyoto Buddhist site
  9. Hakone Open-Air Museum
  10. The Temple Mount Koyasan

Japan Rundreise: City Aussicht
Japan Rundreise: Vorbereitung für einen inspirierenden Urlaub
Japan Rundreise: Geschichte und Kultur
Japan Rundreise: Inspirierende Destination
Japan Urlaub: Erkunden Sie Japan!
Japan Reisen und die Tokyo erkunden
Eine Japan Reise nach den Japanischen Inseln
Japan Reise auf der japanischen Küste
Japan Urlaub nach den japanischen großartigen Tempeln
Japan Reise und die wunderschöne Kirschblüte
Inspirierende Urlaubsziele: Japan Rundeise
Japan reisen und die östliche Kultur kennen lernen
Während Ihrer Japan Rundreise besuchen Sie die Reisfelder
Japan reisen: Mount Fuji
Japan reisen und viel über ihre Kultur erfahren
Japan reisen: Takeshita Straße
Tempel in Japan: Erkunden Sie ihre Religion und Gewohnheiten
Tokyo besuchen während Ihrer Reise nach Japan

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