Whether fresh or pickled, the tuna today enjoys a fairly large interest and popularity among children and adults. He has a long history behind him. In the 19th century, fishing was considered an important source of income. During their fishing expeditions, the fishermen mainly caught salmon, plaice, herring, turbot and sole, which they later sold. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that it was possible to catch tuna, especially during the summer months. At that time, fishing for tuna was considered exclusive fishing, and only for the affluent citizens. Whereas in the past tuna fishing was mostly for sports and leisure and food for the poor, today tuna is consumed by anyone who wants to eat healthily, regardless of budget. The uses of tuna in the kitchen appear in a variety. Tuna is often used as an ingredient in the preparation of salads and pizzas. Also for sushi this fish is very popular. Although tuna is one of the most popular foods among athletes and vegetarians, the consumption of tuna is actually in question. Now, you probably ask, “Is Tuna healthy?” About Tuna Nutrition facts and benefits can be found in this post.

Is tuna healthy?

Tuna nutrition facts at a glance!

Tuna is quite rich in unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which are actually among the healthiest fats. Their miraculous effect on health is above all that they inhibit inflammation in the body, protect the vessels, and strengthen the immune system. Due to its high fat content the tuna is counted as so-called fatty fish, but is also one of the most important edible fish. In addition, the tuna contains a large amount of iodine, as well as vital vitamins such as vitamins A, C, D and the B group. Per 100 grams, the following tuna nutritional values ​​are available: 144 calories, 23 grams of protein, 15 grams of fat, 0 grams of carbohydrates. Yes, exactly … With the 0 grams of carbs, the tuna is perfect for dieting or a low-carb diet plan. The tuna can nutritional value does not differ so much from other fish species.

Tuna healthy – What is in it?

Tuna serves as a provider of essential amino acids, trace elements and vitamins!

The healing effect of the tuna!

The high amount of protein strengthens the muscles. That’s why everyone should treat themselves tuna now and then. The rich content of vitamins protects the heart from fatty degeneration and supports the whole immune system. The regular consumption of tuna reduces the risk of stroke and protects against mental deterioration. The consumption of tuna contributes to better eyesight. Last but not least, tuna helps with macular degeneration. Do you know that the tuna is very good for diabetics? The extremely useful and tasty meat of tuna normalizes blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels. Because of the few tuna calories this fish helps to lose weight. If you value a balanced and healthy diet at the same time, then you can count on the healthy tuna. In addition, the tuna provides skin health by improving the properties of the mucous membranes and human skin. Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis can usually be prevented by eating tuna. It is recommended to consume tuna fish at least 3 times a week.

How does the tuna affect our health?

Tuna and its use in the kitchen!

Tuna recipes come in a variety of variations: from classic tuna salads, to a tasty tuna spread and tasty tuna steak, to a few offbeat dishes such as sushi, maki and tuna carpaccio. Tip: When preparing the following rules are to be observed. Preparing fresh tuna is easy to do if it is only seared on both sides for a short time. Canned tuna tastes you especially good? It can be used as an ingredient in fresh salads, or perfectly combined with bread.

We wish you a lot of fun preparing a delicious and healthy tuna!

Fresh or canned: Tuna is always a treat!

Tuna recipes are available to every taste!

Tuna soup!

Tuna salads appear in a variety of varieties!

Tuna salad contributes to a healthy and delicious diet!

Tuna steak!

Tuna on the pizza!

Tuna can: sewing values!

Tuna can be perfectly combined with bread!

Tuna as an ingredient in the preparation of salads!

That’s why tuna is healthy!

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