There are several ways to hang your bike against the wall like a work of art. There are many reasons, arguments, justifications, excuses, etc. why many of us do not ride a bike but instead jump into the car. They range from “I’m getting sweaty” to “the roads are too dangerous, have you seen what drivers are doing out there?” But the New York Times recently released another caveat about avoiding pedal force: “but I do not have one Space where I can hold a bike. “NYT’s Personal Shopper immediately followed the trail of some funky bike storage options. See below some cool tips and interesting ideas for bike rack wall:

Another way to hang a bike on the wall:

The bike hooks

It really does not cost anything; only two wooden pegs. It would be really great if the hollows carved into it kept the bike in a certain position. It will take a bit of thought before installation; Sandra Thomsen, designer of Hamburg, writes:
Condition for the bicycle hooks are a perfect installation and a stable wall. Two dowels are included, but they do not fit on some walls! Check the base of your wall and choose the right dowels that work best for you. The dowels must be placed straight and firmly in the wall. The bicycle hooks are made for light sport motorcycles and are not suitable for heavy bikes.

This is a simple way to turn your bicycle rack wall into a work of art.

Pedal holder can store more than just your bike
Like garden huts for architects, bicycle storage shelves appear to be the new entry-level drug for designers; They are not too big and complex and will certainly get a lot of approval these days.
They have such a useful function for owners of smaller urban apartments, where you can not leave your bike on the road, but you also do not want it to take up too much floor space inside. As for many people, the bike is probably their most expensive and beautiful possession, the modern update from the shiny car in the garage. It deserves a place of honor!

Bicycle rack wall made of wood

The version by British designer Tamasine Osher is very inviting. In addition to the bike, it is also offered storage space for other belongings.
The designer writes about her work:
The intention is to revive the human relationship with objects, to encourage the interaction of the visual and the tactile, to express the simplicity of the materials and the honest construction – perhaps also to awaken curiosity and emotions
and wake up.
By using organic forms and historical elements, she tries to draw attention to the essence of her designs. Tamasine Osher uses the basic characteristics of the materials and translates them into lyrical and thought-provoking pieces of furniture. Her initial education as an architect enables her to work at different scales, a wide variety of skills and the use of different materials.

Elegant bicycle storage shelf

Designboom shows the bike rack by Chris Brigham, a graphic designer who works in 3D and now produces furniture under the name of Knife and Saw. He lives in San Francisco and visits his friends in New York. He once remarks, “There is a gap when it comes to elegant bike management.” And he’s right; that would be perfect for LifeEdited.
Bicycles always get in the way – either rejected in the hallway or against a bookshelf. So I decided to design something that fixes the problem. Until I get a better name, I’ll just call it a bicycle shelf. Made of solid wood (in this case, walnut) and mounted on a steel square pole, this shelf can easily hold both your bike and anything you want. If you only want to present your bike, that’s fine, but if you still want to use the room for books, flowers, bike accessories, etc., that’s exactly what it’s for! Enclosed an elegant bicycle holder wall made of wood:

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