You want to decorate your apartment in individual style? What do you say when you paint pictures yourself? The homemade decoration brings a very personal touch of your living space. If you are a beginner, start with acrylic paints. This is a particularly simple but effective art. Just pick a motive from our creative ideas and we’ll show you the technique. And you do not need yoga to relax – only acrylic paints, a canvas and a brush are enough! Be inspired by the beautiful picture gallery!

Instructions: Paint pictures yourself

First, select the subject. If you paint with acrylic pictures yourself, the large format formats are ideal. Beautifully the mountains, sea or big flowers look like. Experiment with the colors and their intensity. After the third picture you can also paint abstract motives. But for your first acrylic painting you need preparation. All you need are acrylics, brushes, canvas or acrylic paper and water container. For mixing, it is best to use a pallet. If you do not have one, you will need an old plate or a plate made of glass. The brush is first water and then dipped in the paint. Split the image into sections and paint from the background to the foreground.

A picture without colors is not a picture

There is only one recipe for colors: let your imagination run wild! The basic recipe, however, is a part acrylic binder with two parts Farbbrei, which consists of water and color pigments, is mixed. If you prefer a liquid consistency, mix one part of acrylic binder with three parts of water.

Painting pictures yourself: experiment with technology

When you get to know the colors, you can try different techniques. You can create a watercolor effect with glaze technique. It is painted with heavily diluted acrylic paints. The colors are applied to a well-dried surface to blend optically. A creative idea is the opaque color application. Here you use dry acrylic paints intensively and do brush ropes. In this technique, the acrylic paints are applied directly from the tube.

Put on the old T-shirt. Take the brush in your hand and go. Have fun!

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