IKEA means clean lines, simple design, great ideas for small spaces and, of course, functionality. Have you ever heard of the Ikea Besta Regal, officially the BESTÃ…? When you see the design for the first time, you may say that it’s nothing special. But! The Besta series convinces with simple cabinets that can be transformed into works of art and breathtaking designer pieces. As? We’ll show you the best Ikea Besta ideas on how to make your home unique with simple, inexpensive furniture. And that’s really fun! In the end, Ikea Besta Regal is not the same anymore!

With this design, Ikea Besta Regal can become part of minimalism

Some people make colorful dressers with their Ikea Besta shelves, others buy many Ikea parts and construct huge wardrobes. And why not Ikea Besta for your bathroom? The secret is in different colors, legs and doors. Just let your imagination run wild! On the picture above you can see a TV cabinet with a simple elegant design. Only with this piece of furniture can you give your living room a minimalist touch. To make the cupboard cozy, only the white color of the Besta shelf is not enough. A wooden plate turns your TV cabinet into a work of art! Without heavy wall units and showcases – just clear lines and elegance! And you always have the opportunity to redesign with Ikea shelves.

Idea for a rustic dining room: transform Besta Regal into a buffet

If you are not a fan of minimalism, we have another idea for you! Your dining room is rustic, old-fashioned with dining table and solid wood chairs? Then this artisan buffet will fit perfectly and will create a warm ambience. All you need is an Ikea Besta shelf or cabinet and a few old wood panels. Just cover all the fronts with the wooden boards and you’re done! If you really want to create a rustic look, you can also use it for old-fashioned wooden legs.

And why not a wardrobe?

The Ikea Besta Regal offers a storage system that keeps everything stylish and practical. That’s why it’s the best choice for a coveted wardrobe. The Besta elements charm with a spacious and clean look and offer more space for all clothes that you will not wear. So perfect for an open wardrobe! Do not change the white Ikea color as the modern wardrobe systems are exactly white.

Ikea Besta shelf for every room

Have you ever thought that Besta Regal is only suitable for living rooms? That’s not true! Not only living and dining rooms can create a unique decor with individually planable storage systems. If you have no place in the kitchen, but have plenty of dishes, the Ikea shelf is just for you! Since these shelves offer a clear design, they are perfect for the study. The unusual shapes will show you creativity and hanging and standing elements can be very clever. Give the storage system a new shine to your hallway! Only with Ikea can it become a fascinating reception area and also a wardrobe! The clear forms of Besta Regal offer you a quiet slack in your bedroom.

Give your Besta shelf a new look with self-adhesive colored foils

Can you tell that this is Ikea Besta?

Add a personal touch to your Ikea shelf with unique fronts and legs

The plain wood is excellent for white paint

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