Today, noise pollution is becoming a serious problem, especially in the big cities. Maybe you know that from personal experience if your apartment is next to a main road or airport. Thanks to advanced technology, however, wall cladding is now available that is both modern and can reduce unwanted noise. These are the so-called acoustic panels. Here you would find convincing examples of their elegance and efficiency.

Acoustic panels are characterized by originality and elegance

Decorative acoustic panels not only meet the requirements of modern interior design, but also guarantee the good noise protection of the room. They absorb unwanted noise from the outside and at the same time improve the acoustics within the room. Their efficiency is due to the fact that they absorb most of the sound waves and reduce the reverberation time of the sound. This makes them suitable not only for cafes, office areas and other public buildings, but also ideal for your own home.

Variety of materials, shapes and colors

On the market, decorative acoustic panels can be found in a variety of models, shapes and colors. There is suitable design for any interior design style – industrial, modern or fancy. The materials used for their production are also varied – wood, metal, glass, mineral wool, rock wool, gypsum. That is why it is very important, if you decide for such a wall cladding, that the chosen model adapts to the style of furnishing and the size of the room.

Set accents

Acoustic panels can be used for covering the whole room or just for an accent wall. They combine particularly well with the modern minimalist design. Acoustic panels in geometric shapes are today particularly modern and bring structure in space. There are such models, which can create even 3D effect by their original surface.

Important differences

Acoustic panels differ from each other, even when it comes to their absorption class. There are classes from “A” to “E” – an important criterion when selecting such wall coverings. You should also consider the position of the acoustic panels on the wall well – compared to the stereo speakers, for example, they would absorb the high sound waves.

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