There are few tattoos that make a lot of sense, but still look simple. Most tattoos that meet both criteria are religious symbols such as, for example, the Star of David or the Infinity Sign tattoo, which is not religious but has much meaning. It is both beautiful and simple. Although some people may think that this symbol is reserved for mathematicians only, the infinity sign tattoo is actually a very popular tattoo design.

Infinity sign tattoo with anchor

Infinity tattoo designs are especially popular with couples, you can often see tattooed hearts next to them or intertwined with the sign. Couples who choose this tattoo to show their endless love usually get this tattoo in the same body part.

If you and your darling want to show your affection for each other in the form of a tattoo, the infinity tattoo is an excellent choice

But this is not a tattoo that would be exclusively for lovers. The symbol of infinity is an endless loop that is similar to the knots and loops in the Celtic tattoos. It conveys a similar meaning of rebirth and reincarnation as in Eastern cultures and religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. This tattoo means that we are all eternal, whether we are in physical bodies or not.

This tattoo is popular because its meaning is very extensive and because it refers to concepts from many cultures

The infinity tattoo design, as mentioned earlier, means no limits and endless possibilities. Everything is infinite. Think of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčendless possibilities and try to apply them to your life. Every moment in which we live is filled with decisions and every decision has infinite results. This symbol represents the universe and all its possibilities. It represents parallel universes and realities. With infinite realities and universes anything can be possible. With the infinite possibilities available to us in every moment of our being, we have the choice to be everything and everyone we want to be. An infinite character tattoo makes perfect sense. They are difficult to understand exactly and therefore are great for deep thinkers.

The infinity sign can be simple, but it looks fantastic as a tattoo. It is also easy to customize and can be done anywhere. You can add hearts if you want to show your love. It would also be possible to cut two separate infinity symbols and with a cross to get a religious meaning. You can intertwine the yin-yang symbol to enhance the infinity significance. Some also tattoo citations. Others complete the character with ornaments and bows. There are many ways to make your infinity tattoo more meaningful. Online tattoo galleries and catalogs can surely help you to get some extra inspiration.

Another infinity tattoo design that has gained in popularity is the double infinity tattoo design, such as that of the main character Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke) in the ABC show Revenge or Revenge. If you are interested in this tattoo design, but do not want to have exactly as Emily’s, there are many ways to customize your double infinity tattoo. As mentioned above, you can add other ornaments, symbols and quotes. You can also superimpose two different infinity signs on each other so that they look like two rings on each side of the cross point.

When it comes to designing your own tattoos, the options are “limitless”

The infinity tattoo design really does make sense, regardless of which part of the world or culture you come from. The concept of infinity is something we are all fascinated with, but not fully understood, and that is exactly what makes this symbol so exciting. This tattoo design is a great choice for those who embody the ideas and philosophies without limitations and endless possibilities. Whether you are a couple who wants to show your love to the world or a great thinker or dreamer, the infinity tattoo design is an option that you should not overlook.

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