Have you ever dreamed of living in a warehouse or in an artist’s apartment? How about if you have both at once? You can not be combined? But! The industrial style of furnishing today is undergoing a revolution and also refines your home with the charm of untreated wood and metal, factory style and clear minimalism. Rough brick walls, ceilings with pipes, concrete floors and bare walls will surely hit your head when you hear “industrial”. Which industrial furniture is the perfect match for this cool chic, we will tell you. Immerse yourself in the factory charm of industrial style and collect breathtaking examples for every room!

Industrial chic – loft-style decor

How exactly the industrial furnishing style was created, is still in the dark. Its origins are suspected at the beginning of the 20th century. The second industrial revolution went into globalization. The old West European factories were ideal for new residential areas. Thus, perfect opportunities for apartments emerged! The big bare walls and the rough ceilings have made the industrial furniture with loft flair sensitive. What does it look like today? Based on the furnishings in each living room, we will bring you closer to the industrial facility. We also give you valuable tips on how to use Restyle24 , where you will find unique industrial furniture, as well as pieces of furniture and home accessories from many other interesting styles.

Industrial furniture with a robust design for the living room

Let’s start with the focal point of the apartment, namely the living room: In the picture you can see classic elements of a facility, which are combined with concise pieces of furniture from industrial design. A combination of modern furnishing style makes the living room look contemporary and noble. The interior features old leather armchairs, a coffee table made of untreated wood,

Industrial bedroom – despite the distinctive loft look, a homely ambience!

Untreated wood and worn metal do not sound like a cozy ambience? Our tip for decorating the bedroom is to focus less on the typical materials for industrial furniture and more on clear colors, such as white, black and gray. The furniture is discreet and if it is made of solid wood, it contributes to a timeless shape. Put back on the decoration and textile with vintage look. The lamps are again with an industrial look.

Industrial kitchen – the space where all industrial elements can find their use

Although wood is one of the typical materials in industrial design, stainless steel is preferred for the kitchen. The stove is absolutely sturdy, made of stainless steel and with a vintage look. The faucets of the sink again point to an industrial stylistic device, since these stainless steel fittings are increasingly used in commercial kitchens. Pipes and pipes are perfect elements when setting up industrial kitchens. In the modern furnishing style they are hidden in any case – with the industrial chic please not! Our tip: Copper is really hot this year.

The dining room brings the robust style very well expressed

Industrial furniture also integrates easily in the workspace

You’ve already convinced yourself of the charm and chic design of industrial furniture, but what’s so special about this interior design style? He stands for a high lifestyle and is timeless. These are not just pieces of furniture, this is an urban lifestyle that creates a casual atmosphere on cozy evenings with family and friends. We hope you enjoy the industrial furnishing style! Do not forget that it is always in the foreground that you feel at home and find your own style!

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