Two of the candles of the Advent wreath burn and light up the cool winter nights. Christmas is just around the corner and a wonderful scent of sweet delicacies roams the streets of the city. Let yourself be inspired by the magic of Christmas and decide which culinary specialties are on your table. So the most important question becomes: ” What Christmas dinner do I cook for my relatives this year? “Simply answered and avoided the stress of Christmas. To ensure a successful dinner, start by choosing the Christmas dessert. The secret behind a happy party in the circle of your loved ones lies in the counterfeiting dessert. 89% of Germans enjoy more sweets than the main dish on the Christmas table, the statistics show.

Transform the Christmas dinner into a culinary indulgence for the soul

“The best comes at the end.” This proverb says it loud and clear – the Christmas dessert is the special of each menu. Think of the delicate aroma that spreads from a delicious Christmas cake. It’s no wonder that all eyes are on you when you put the dessert on the Christmas table. However, a cake is considered a suitable dessert for Christmas. The properly prepared Christmas cake creates a joyful and festive atmosphere through the combination of unforgettable fragrance, delicious taste and genuine delicacy. Are you looking for a variety of recipes and advice for Christmas baking? If so, take a look at – there is something for every taste.

Let yourself be enchanted by the aroma of Christmas dinner!

The magic of tasty food hides in the fragrant scent. The necessary ingredients that guarantee a true Christmas flavor are cinnamon, anise, cardamom, cloves, cocoa and gingerbread spice. They play the crucial role in making your Christmas cake the centerpiece of Christmas dinner. The delicious smell of your cake can be supported by a dash of alcohol. No matter if it’s rum, wine or brandy, the alcoholic drinks also pep up the taste of the cake very well. Make sure all of these ingredients have a strong flavor and it is not always recommended that they be combined with each other.

Chefs warmly recommend that …

Tip 1: Your menu for Christmas dinner should be 3-course – starter, main course and dessert. When putting together your Christmas menu, it would be better if you first set the dessert. When choosing the main course, there are traditions that you should not change.

Tip 2: Do not just cook for the stomach, but also for the eyes! Strive for color and decorative accents when serving your food. Arrange the plates nice and stylish.

Tip 3: The dessert gives the festive Christmas dinner the finishing touch. Surprise your sweetheart with a tasty Christmas cake and distract yourself from the usual.

Treats from our Christmas bakery – the classic of all Christmas cakes – “Bûche de Noël”

Finish your Christmas meal with a delicious dessert. Go straight to the kitchen and conjure up a delicious Christmas cake, because:

“Fed does not mean that no dessert fits in anymore!”

Do not invite your family to a dinner, but to a real feast and host them all with culinary delights, with which you can enjoy the holidays a little bit more. Our team wishes you a Merry Christmas, filled only with positive emotions, warm feelings and delicious food!

Good Appetite!

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