Travel, travel, travel! It’s not just about destinations, cars, roads, planes, hotels. Where does the eternal urge and the irresistible need for traveling come from? Out of curiosity, from the search for adventure, from the need for variety – all these are good reasons to take a trip. But traveling is much more – a special, strange state of mind, a mental experience, a magical transformation that underlies human nature. How beautifully can the original human yearning for long journeys be reconciled with the accessibility of even the remotest places of our globalized world!

The choice of destination depends on various objective and subjective factors, but there are places and countries that are a must on the list of the most exotic destinations. At the top of this list is India.

True to the saying, “India is not a country, India is a universe,” last year, nearly 9 million people around the world dreamed of traveling to India, according to survey results. The interest in this country is quite justified. There is no other place in the world that can give you such a colorful, exotic and intense experience. If you are one of those who dream of it, then the travel information and tips in this article will help you.

Travel to India: Some valuable tips for special travel destinations

Striking landscapes, colorful cities, decorated elephants, foreign culture and centuries of history – India offers a variety of travel options due to its eclectic charm. On the one hand, the travel agencies overcharge the customers with offers, on the other hand, you can read contradictory information on the topic of “India Travel” on the Internet. The varied information is confusing. That’s why we wanted to help you choose the perfect travel destinations in India. For all enthusiastic travelers, we have put together a small travel list of the places worth seeing. You can also read some valuable tips from India travelogues here .

India in one breath

The front runner on our scale is the India classic – the tour “The Golden Triangle”. This tour covers the three most popular travel destinations – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The region is located in northern India and offers you famous palaces, historical monuments and breathtaking landscapes. The starting point of the journey is Delhi. There you will experience and feel India as it really is – colorful, full and loud. Our tip: Take your time and the freedom to perceive and internalize the foreign environment. Then comes Agra with its beauties – the crown jewels of India. Taj Mahal, known as the seventh wonder of the world, enjoys great popularity among India tourists. Our advice is: the sooner you arrive, the better! So you can go in faster or before the sight of the palace complex in the morning light and admire. The tour “The Golden Triangle” ends in Jaipur. Get ready for the next adventure because the best is yet to come. The opportunity to ride a magnificently decorated elephant would hardly be in your life again.

The paradise for India visitors

India is a fascinating country through and through. That’s why our next suggestion is to travel to Goa. The city is a popular destination for those who do not want to experience a big culture shock. In Goa you will find wide, deserted beaches, small, cozy beach bungalows. Let yourself be enchanted by the Goa-hippie flair. The city is the best place if you are looking for relaxation and tranquility, but is also known for its “party Goa”. Our advice is to pay attention to the optimal travel time when booking. It would be better to make the trip to Goa between November and April. So enjoy a nice warm weather without heavy rains.

Direction India: The way to your dreams

To crown it all, we would like to emphasize the country’s eclectic character with the following slogan: “The world is like an adventure book. Anyone who has never traveled to India has read only one page! “If you want to give your senses a life-changing experience, book a trip to India.

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