The kitchen is not just a room from the apartment, but a focal point of family life – enjoy a cozy meal together, drink coffee with friends and delicious recipes. Everything done with love! That’s exactly how it has to be leveled. But how do we plan our own kitchen properly? This question can be answered very easily, only if you open the homepage of Ikea . There you will find the way to dream kitchen – Ikea kitchen planner! Only a 3D planner is not enough in most cases. The most helpful tips and tricks for proper kitchen planning can be found right here!

Mi Ikea kitchen planners configure your own kitchen to your heart’s content directly on the sofa!

The first step is the right measurement

Proper planning means making reasonable use of every space of the kitchen. This is only possible if you make a professional measurement and consider all the circumstances of the room in the planning. When you have made the measurement, consider for what do you need the most space. For example, if you like to cook, you really need a large work space. Our tip is to plan your own kitchen according to your own needs. Of course you can follow trends, but your wishes are in first place.

The decision for the kitchen form is half of the kitchen planning

Have you already thought about which type of cook you are, comes the decision for the kitchen form. This is perhaps the most important choice during kitchen planning. The space depends more on the shape than on the size of the kitchen. Use 3D Ikea kitchen planner to create the so-called working triangle. The kitchens in “L” and “U” shape are perfect for cooking. This will make washing-up, stove and refrigerator with perfect distance and are convenient to use.

Why Ikea Kitchen Planner Online?

Ikea Kitchen Planner online is perhaps the smartest program you’ve ever come up with. Why? Sit comfortably on the sofa and plan your own dream kitchen according to your own needs and ideas. Without time pressure, without different opinions and unnecessary rates of specialists. You can sleep on it one night and change everything the next day. But do not forget that it is always better to consult with a specialist.

After proper kitchen planning comes the right organization

Need inspiration to plan your kitchen? Get ideas from our picture gallery!

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