The cot is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture in the nursery – it should provide for the good quality of sleep of the child, while leaving enough space to play, romp and learn. For this reason, finding the right bed that will appeal to the child, as well as being inexpensive and genuinely functional, is not an easy task. In this post, however, we have a wonderful proposal for you that meets all these requirements, namely – IKEA cot! We offer you the most flexible and practical Kura bed that will transform and make your child’s sweet dreams come true. We hope you enjoy our ideas and hope you enjoy reading!

The IKEA Kura cot impresses with its functionality and stylish design

IKEA Kinderbett schlichtes Design
IKEA Kinderbett mit bunten Gardinen
IKEA Kinderbett zwei Etagen toller Look
IKEA Kinderbett weiss herrlicher Look
IKEA Kinderbett zwei Etagen Stauraum
IKEA Kinderbett dkorieren Wolken
IKEA Kinderbett stilvoller Look Jungenzimmer
IKEA Kinderbett Holz Naturoptik
IKEA Kinderbett eindrucksvolle Deko Kuschelecke unten
IKEA Kinderbett zwei Kinder Mädchenzimmer
IKEA Kinderbett modern und funktional
IKEA Kinderbett stilvoll Mädchenzimmer
IKEA Kinderbett schwarz streichen elegant
IKEA Kinderbett tapezieren eindrucksvoll
IKEA Kinderbett verzieren Tapeten Girlande
IKEA Kinderbett zwei Etagen praktisch
IKEA Kinderbett zwei Matratzen
IKEA Kinderbett Jungenzimmer zwei Kinder
IKEA Kinderbett mit Stoff verkleiden
IKEA Kinderbett Mädchenzimmer zwei Kinder
As always, the world-famous Scandinavian furniture manufacturer IKEA offers top-quality products at low prices, and this is also true for children’s furniture like an IKEA cot. We decided to introduce you to the model “Kura” in this post because it is super functional and impresses with its simple but super elegant design. The Kura bed is made up of several wooden frames and, as I said, it can be easily remodeled and personalized – the low bed can easily be turned into a chic loft bed at will. The Kura bed is made of pine wood in natural look – a material that really fits every style of furnishing. And if you want you can also paint any color on it. The bed is ideal for children from the age of 6, but also for smaller ones if it is not turned into a loft bed – otherwise there is a risk that the child falls from the top floor of the bed. The price is really cheap (visit the IKEA website for more information, there you can also order the Kura bed online), which is a great advantage because children are growing fast and therefore the nursery furniture is renewed every few years should be. Below we give you some great ideas and furnishing examples of how the Kura bed can be integrated into the nursery. We hope that you draw inspiration from our ideas!

IKEA Kura Cot rebuild – imaginative ideas

IKEA Kinderbett umgestalten Spielhaus herrlicher Look
IKEA Kinderbett Zelt weiss Girlande
IKEA Kinderbett Jungenzimmer Star Wars Thema
IKEA Kinderbett niedrig Zelt
IKEA Kinderbett tolle Deko Stadt
IKEA Kinderbett umgestalten Spielhaus
IKEA Kinderbett ins Haus verwandeln
IKEA Kinderbett tapezieren mit Stoff
IKEA Kinderbett Zelt stilvoller Look
IKEA Kinderbett Stauraum Kommode
IKEA Kinderbett Spielhaus Deko Girlande Wolken
IKEA Kinderbett Kuschelecke unten Wandtattoo
IKEA Kinderbett Schloss Spielraum
IKEA Kinderbett Schloss mit Rutsche
IKEA Kinderbett Schloss Kuschelecke Gardinen
IKEA Kinderbett Kuschelecke mit Gardinen
IKEA Kinderbett Haus Satteldach hellgrau
IKEA Kinderbett Haus Jungenzimmer originell
IKEA Kinderbett Spielecke Beleuchtung
IKEA Kinderbett Haus wirklich originell
The IKEA Kura Cot is a cozy retreat that invites the child to sleep, dream and cuddle. This can also be very cool and modern, and here we give you some creative ideas in this regard. If the child is still small, the low bed is certainly the better option for you. You can give it a real fairytale look by transforming it into a bed-house. To do this, you should build a triangular satellite roof construction into a square bed frame with just a few extra wooden slats – a task that any craftsman can easily do. The result just looks beautiful, and the child will undoubtedly like it very much. And if your little sweetheart gets bigger, you could turn the low bed into a loft bed. The Kura bed is really practical, because it also offers space for a second mattress up or down – so you get a real bunk bed for two children, which is really stylish and practical.

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