Nowadays, the bathroom is not just a room to shower and brush your teeth, but a room that is becoming more important to quality of life. There is an unlimited variety of options when it comes to bathroom design. If you want such bathroom furniture that combines a stunning design with state-of-the-art technology, then give your confidence to IKEA. This trend brand offers you unique bathroom solutions that are the result of 75 years of experience. In this article we show you the extraordinary IKEA bathroom furniture with special features. You will also get some valuable tips and smart bathroom” design> tricks.

IKEA bathroom furniture meets every taste

IKEA gives the customer many options for bathroom design so that the smallest bathroom has just as much storage space and breathtaking furniture design as a large bathroom. The right choice for bathroom furniture is very important to make the best possible use of the unfavorable floor plan. Let us explain how you can take advantage of your bathroom’s opportunities without giving up on the gorgeous bathroom look. The IKEA bathroom furniture covers all ideas for a dream” bathroom> – from accessories, mirrors, textiles, over-order boxes and shelves to bathroom cabinets” and washbasins. the most important thing is to plan design correctly. below are some tips for bathroom with ikea furniture.>

Tip 1: Buy a bathroom cabinet with deep drawers

The modern glossy cabinet with flying structure is a true all-rounder in the cubic style. It charms with its stunning look and amazes by its usefulness. The clear language of form designates the popular design among the customers. The high-quality base cabinet is available in white high gloss and in wood decor for sale. Its insides are covered with high quality foil and therefore easy to clean. It comes with comfortable, easy-to-move and convenient drawers to help you organize your bath. This all-rounder is a must in every bathroom.

Tip 2: Follow your individual bathing dreams and create your own style with IKEA bathroom furniture

The IKEA hacks make it possible to realize your bathroom dreams favorably. Whether you want to renovate your bathroom or set up a new bathroom: With IKEA you benefit from lowest price offers, expert advice and variety of bathroom furniture and the great hacks allow you to easily realize your bathroom dreams.

Tip 3: The interior decoration system is the general solution

The practically divided drawers help you to keep order in the bathroom. The division of wood, the clear views and practical chutes make it easier to keep a clear overview of the bathroom products. IKEA base cabinets for bathrooms are easy to open and ensure the maximum use of the free space in the bathroom. The clever interior design system is a general solution that fights against the chaos.

Tip 4: Use the highest practicability in bathroom design

The characteristic of the IKEA bathroom furniture is in the functionality – the practical shelves, which differ in subject distribution and length. The precise construction ensures the optimal use of the free space in the bathroom. Combine different surfaces and create your own style of bathroom design. The interplay of design and construction creates a functional all-rounder.

Tip 5: The mobile shelves bring with it several advantages over the immovable ones.

A good design of bathroom furniture is not everything. You must also look for higher practicability. The vision of the IKEA team is to create a product that combines the advantages of a mobile shelf with the look of a modern shelf. The result – space-saving installation, mobile device and generous design.

Tip 6: mirrors, mirrors on the wall, where there is more space

The lack of handles creates a clear look. The underlapping door of the mirror and the integrated “tip-top” technology make it easy to open and close the mirror cabinet. It offers you in addition to the many functions and plenty of storage space. The clever LED lighting is switched on by the sensor and switched off after a few minutes. You can hang the mirror cabinet on the wall or install it directly in the wall, so the console of the cabinet dispenses with the visible construction and a wonderful look is achieved.

Create order in the bathroom design

Practical and stylish – a shelf in the wood decor under the washbasin

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