Almost everyone likes to snack: one eats cream cakes and desserts with cream, the other prefers dried fruit, chocolate or simply pure banana. If you do not consume food of animal origin, your choice of sweets is considerably limited. We did some research for you and here are some cool tips for vegan sweets. Nevertheless, we have found quite a lot of delicious organic sweets in shops in Berlin, tested and we want to report in great detail.

Some of the tastiest vegan sweets

Fruit is out of the question, this is not one of the desserts – fruits should be eaten before the meal as it is digested the quickest. Therefore, many mousses, candies and purée are prepared, which can be considered as a delicious snack.

Vegan sweets are also suitable for children

Since we decided to only analyze vegan sweets, we should already stick to this principle. One can not enumerate all honey containing products, since the honey belongs to the products of animal origin.

Almond, orange & chocolate

As one of the basic vegan desserts, the dark natural chocolate with no milk protein and other sweets catches its nature. Furthermore, the pastry without eggs, milk and butter, various syrup, jam and gelle varieties enjoys quite a high fame.

But what can an average Berlin vegan snack on?

Cocotella, the chocolate paste with coconut oil

A beautiful idea whose simple content is extremely easy, even you can repeat it at home. And it has a wonderful chocolate-coconut taste. This is not the same as the Nutella cream – too heterogeneously structured and with an absolutely natural taste. Coconut oil does not mix completely with cocoa mass. If kept in the refrigerator, portions of butter freeze and remain in the soft bulk. In the case of keeping them at room temperature, on the contrary, the butter becomes liquid, without any definite homogeneous structure.

The best recipes for vegan sweets contain strawberries

Homemade gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, nut-free vegan muffins

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