The marble tiles are the most popular flooring for indoor and outdoor use. The ideal places for marble are the bathroom, the entrance, the fireplace, the dining and living room. The marble tiles appear in a wide color palette of white, black, blue, brown, green and pink and all their nuances.

This tile type is sought for its exceptional beauty and it can be seen in many homes. The soft and porous natural stone marble needs the proper care to maintain its softness and shine, but the marble tiles are cut thin and accurate and can be easily polished for a radiant shine. Marble is a natural stone and therefore it is completely biodegradable, which the nature lovers appreciate.

The marble tiles bring elegance to the house

Types of marble tiles

There are two types of marble tiles – glazed and unglazed. The glazed tiles are hard and their surface is smooth and they have the ability to resist water stains. The unglazed tiles are scratch resistant, but the stains on them are particularly noticeable due to their soft surface as opposed to glazed tiles.

Whatever their style, the marble tiles are always modern

The advantages of marble floors

The first advantage is that you can find numerous design patterns that you can form on the floor. The designs, which are typically exquisite and with a very good budget, would allow you to choose good exquisite marble tiles. It is actually one of the most elegant floor styles and the marble tiles can surely give your home a look of wealth and make sure that you would get a good value for reselling your home.

Marble tiles are extremely durable, and it can certainly bring a good deal of change in your home. Being extremely durable, these can withstand any kind of outside pressure and a sudden change in weight.

The marble tiles have an eternal charm. They do not necessarily look older and they can certainly bring the necessary elegance to a particular floor. Marble floors are scratch-free and resistant to most possible accidents. This not only confirms that you have gotten a very good choice about the different aspects of using marble, but also that you are able to consider the positive aspects of it as well.

There are also some minor disadvantages of marble floors, and some of them are listed below:

The disadvantages of marble floors

There is an enormous amount of waste generated when cutting the marble tiles. When marble is laid on the ground, there is a certain amount of waste of material called collateral damage, and it will cost you a little more money. Therefore, it might be a better idea that you go for a different kind of flooring, so you can actually reduce this waste if you do not have big financial resources.

The laying of marble tiles is very time consuming and only qualified technicians and workers are supposed to do that, which requires an extra amount of money. If you are financially strapped to handle such a large area, it is best that you leave the marble floor aside and opt for a different kind of material. The appearance of the marble floor can be exquisite, but without the financial standing, there is no reason to do so.

Marble floors are known to be extremely heavy, due to the marbles. You have to make sure that when you go for such a design of your home, it can stand the weight of the floor. On the other hand, the house is likely to buckle under the pressure of extra weight.

Beautiful marble tiles for your floor

The maintenance required for marble tiles is equal to that of a stone floor. Both require a high level of maintenance and you would need expert help from professionals so that the cleaning process can be performed with the highest level of efficiency.

To decide whether you want marble flats in your home, take a look at the following excellent examples of marble floors:

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