Before you let funny tattoos under the skin, you should really consider it carefully. On one side, an original funny tattoo on a healthy level of craziness is always a great way to demonstrate your attitude to life. This type of pattern and pattern shows that you are a free spirited person who is not afraid to experiment and give others a reason to laugh at you.

Funny tattoos can cause you problems …

If they are of the kind of people who are not trying to get the approval of other people but want to get the rest of a permit from him (albeit unintentionally) – then funny tattoos will suit you as well.

… they are not well received and accepted

On the other hand, funny tattoos are something that you could really regret. What seems night-time may seem like a terrible mistake the next morning. Not only an embarrassment for yourself, but badly-chosen funny tattoos can actually become a major obstacle in your career when placed in a visible place. It’s no secret that a sizeable proportion of CEOs and other types of bosses frown on tattoos, even though they are completely harmless or have no clear meaning at all. Certainly, these types of mistakes are possible to fix: You can always get a laser treatment. But let me now warn you that this update is painful, really not budget friendly and worst – not always effective.

The laser removal of your tattoo costs a lot and is painful, choose carefully!

So, what’s our point? Are we claiming that you should not have fun tattoos at all? Not at all! All we want to say is that you should really think about it, pick the right design, and make no hasty decisions. Choose several tattoos you like and sleep on them. In the end, consult with your friends: If they think you’re making a big mistake, it’s better to reschedule before it’s too late.

Funny tattoos – 3 monkeys – blind deaf mute

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