I hate Christmas! As the song says, it is the “most beautiful time of the year” – but Christmas is not for everyone.
For every group of merry Christmas singers, there is one person who likes to slam the door in your face instead of holding their own.

I hate Christmas!

As we all know, Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch were not fans of the festive season and have had a pretty bad reputation.
Maybe they had a good reason for that. What is so special about Christmas?

I hate Christmas because 1. “It’s getting older every year”

If you hate Christmas, you have a problem right from the beginning of October.

And once the supermarkets start in October, Christmas candies, you get an inexplicable rage.

I hate Christmas, because 2. “Christmas cards are completely meaningless”

I give you a card, then you give me a card. They collect dust for a few weeks before we both throw it away.
Why do not we save each other and just spare ourselves the trouble?
3. “Mulled wine is an absolute rip off”
Who decided to heat red wine, add sugar (meaning calories), dilute the wine (less alcohol) and sell it for twice the price?

I hate Christmas because 4. “Dried fruits are the worst”

Why does everyone suddenly decide that shrunken, chopped fruit is a perfect food choice when December comes?
– Maybe some dried fruit and Christmas cake?
– No thanks.
5. “I’m fed up with Mariah Carey!”
Wham and Mariah making a comeback every year – there’s something like dubbing one and the same song, you know. To hear it again and again does not make it a “classic”.

I hate Christmas, because 6. “The relatives have to stop stuffing me with food.”

I have a usual calorie requirement, thanks. I do not need to quadruple this!
7. ‘Mainly turkey – why does that have to be?’
Ah, yes, the chicken’s dry, unpleasant and inferior cousin.
Why did that become a tradition? It is clearly not the best meat!

I hate Christmas because 8. “Everyone is too happy”

At Christmas, the mood seems to change everywhere. Not if you hate Christmas! We are looking forward to the January.

9. “I wish everyone listened to the PDAs (public expression of love)”

10. “Time to rehearse my presently loving face”
Although we practice it every year, we can never quite manage to look happy while we open a pair of socks.

I hate Christmas, because: 11. “The office Christmas party is where dreams are buried”

But you still go there and sit quietly in the corner, while your colleagues discuss unwilling with each other unimportant topics.

12. “The television program for Christmas is never as good as you think it would be”

13. Let’s not even mention that a man enters your room while you sleep.

The children are dependent on sugar and lies

The whole thing is pretty strange. Why are we lying to our children? And quite apart from the tons of chocolate …

14. “Why do I have to spend time with people I do not get along with?”

There’s no reason why I have to go home once a year to discuss pigs in blankets and the TV remote.

15. “I am surrounded by drunken people”

Party season means the streets are full of little groups singing Christmas songs (bad), vomiting and throwing their chips on the sidewalk.
Do not just accompany them to the night buses …

16. “I will break until the next Christmas”

You do not like Christmas, but your family and friends do it. This means that you have to buy gifts for all, in addition to the FULL PRIZE!
Time to break the piggy bank …
17. “The Christmas markets are completely overpriced”
To spend 6 euros for a sausage in a roll? No thanks. And you can not, as a rule, even move through the masses to get it.

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