On the hunt for Hygge” danish concept of coziness and swedish sense contentment the new scandinavian lifestyle trend follows finnish kalsarik called pantsdrunk in english. literally translated means at home drink underwear this is exactly description which presented book kalsarikanni: path to relaxation by miska rantanen.>

The new Scandinavian wellness trend may be even easier to understand than Hygge, because the name says it all: Päntsdrunk is, for lack of a better way, everything to chill underwear, usually with a cocktail of your choice. Hand.

Scandinavian Lifestyle: Pantsdrunk is the new Hygge

According to excerpts from the book, which can be found on the Penguin Books website , Päntsdrunk is a “path to recovery and self-empowerment,” defined by complete relaxation and temporary escape from real stressors, such as work emails or annoying small talk. It is no coincidence that Finland always ranks among the top five for the luckiest countries in the world. Pantsdrunk is one of the factors that contribute to this nationwide happiness.

Pantsdrunk means relaxation


It’s really fun drinking with friends, but it’s also expensive, exhausting, and in the end, you drink more than you originally expected. Pantsdrunk should not just be equated with drinking. It is more about letting oneself relax while being completely cut off from the “real world”. An ideal Pantsdrunk night would certainly be homemade” cocktails> , along with a few seasons of “friends,” a face mask or two, and a glass of wine in hand. Perhaps the best part about the pantsdrunk trend is that it costs almost nothing to do. All you have to do is grab a bottle of wine (or another cocktail of choice) and find your way to a Netflix subscription. You do not need pants!

Spend a Päntsdrunk night – or even better, a Päntsdrunk weekend. They earn it!




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