Imagine the interior of a romantic castle – a huge park modeled on English garden art, with breathtaking waterfalls and lovingly in the middle of the landscape – a Chinese tea pavilion where the aristocracy spends their leisure time. Just close your eyes to revive the pavilion in the beautiful park of yesteryear. Now open your eyes, as you can have a romantic garden house in your own garden! The demand for wooden houses for the garden has been increased in recent years in Germany and nowadays the garden sheds are very much in vogue. More than 200,000 wooden houses for the garden are sold in Germany for only one year. For the heyday of garden sheds, of course, there is an explanation. They are a summer arbor for relaxation and practical storage space for every gardener’s equipment at the same time. With a great design, a wooden house can also be a favorite place and a real eye-catcher in the garden! In order for you to enjoy all these benefits of your garden shed, you should pay attention to a few things. We will give you helpful tips for choosing the perfect wooden house for your garden and summer can come!

Garden house as an all-rounder

It really is a dream to lie in your own garden in summer in the sun and relax. Having a garden also means a lot of work and a lot of equipment. And where with all the tools? Neat in the garden house! In the past, the garden huts were mostly construction huts, which were used as storage space. Nowadays you will find so many modern wooden houses for the garden in the market, which are much more than just a storage place and real all-rounders. So that you do not get confused by the variety of talents and the large selection of garden sheds on the market, we recommend that you take a look at the offers of Pineca . You will not only find many designs, but also a professional advice for the right wooden house. With the right design, a garden shed can provide both a practical place for gardening tools and the pleasant accommodation of garden owners and their visitors. In this sense, it is of great importance that you are aware of the purpose of the garden shed. If you just want to put the bikes and the rake in the garden shed, you do not need a whole log cabin. But if you plan to design the wooden house outdoors as a retreat, then the design and the spatial planning are crucial. Depending on the application, different materials must be used.

Wooden house in the garden – from planning to building

Have you already made the decision, with which purpose your garden house is used, then come the next steps – the choice of the material and the building. In order for such a house in the garden to be cozy again in winter, as a pleasant living room, office or library, it would have to be built particularly solidly. The most popular building material is undoubtedly the wood. It is versatile and flexible in design and offers a high level of security. The choice of material for your garden house depends on the planning again. If you only want a storage room or a children’s playhouse for the summer, then you do not need such a high wall thickness. In general, the thicker the material, the more durable. On the market you will find element houses that are screwed together, or as bolus systems available. No matter what type of building you choose, we recommend that you first seek professional advice. However, if the garden house is to serve as a perfect retreat, it must, of course, be comfortably designed and furnished.

Setting up a garden house as a garden lounge: Natural wood feels natural flair

Modern garden houses can wiе look a little s independent, beautiful office

Whether as a cozy relaxation pavilion or storage shed, the garden sheds have the power to transform your own home into an oasis of relaxation. We hope that our tips will help you to find the right garden house, according to your requirements and to enjoy the time in the garden. Look forward to the first rays of sunshine and the cozy hours in the open air, as the greatest happiness is to feel the nature!

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